Abandoned Boomers Florida

When I heard that Boomers was coming down, I had to take a trip there to photograph it. What you see below are photos from three different trips, shot from a helicopter and the oldschool way walking around with my camera.

This type of places always creep me out, but this one was not that creepy, it was just kind of sad how operations just stoped and the place kind of just stood empty for a long time in hopes that someoene would purchase it and keep it going.

I managed to climb up the roller coaster and that was super scary, it got so steap and hard to walk that I had a baby panic attack, but it didn’t latst long. I usually never post so many photos, but in this case as with all my other abandoned photo series I thought I would give you lots to look at.

People tell me that this was the happening spot back in the day, did you ever come here? Id love to hear some sotries. If you visited it drop me a line on the comments below.

Boomers Florida-99

Boomers Florida-98

Boomers Florida-97

Boomers Florida-96

Boomers Florida-95

Boomers Florida-93

Boomers Florida-92

Boomers Florida-91

Boomers Florida-90

Boomers Florida-89

Boomers Florida-88

Boomers Florida-87

Boomers Florida-86

Boomers Florida-85

Boomers Florida-84

Boomers Florida-83

Boomers Florida-82

Boomers Florida-81

Boomers Florida-80

Boomers Florida-79

Boomers Florida-78

Boomers Florida-77

Boomers Florida-76

Boomers Florida-75

Boomers Florida-74

Boomers Florida-73

Boomers Florida-72

Boomers Florida-71

Boomers Florida-69

Boomers Florida-68

Boomers Florida-67

Boomers Florida-66

Boomers Florida-65

Boomers Florida-64

Boomers Florida-63

Boomers Florida-62

Boomers Florida-61

Boomers Florida-60

Boomers Florida-59

Boomers Florida-58

Boomers Florida-57

Boomers Florida-56

Boomers Florida-55

Boomers Florida-54

Boomers Florida-53

Boomers Florida-52

Boomers Florida-51

Boomers Florida-50

Boomers Florida-49

Boomers Florida-48

Boomers Florida-47

Boomers Florida-46

Boomers Florida-45

Boomers Florida-44

Boomers Florida-43

Boomers Florida-42

Boomers Florida-41

Boomers Florida-40

Boomers Florida-39

Boomers Florida-38

Boomers Florida-37

Boomers Florida-36

Boomers Florida-35

Boomers Florida-34

Boomers Florida-33

Boomers Florida-32

Boomers Florida-31

Boomers Florida-30

Boomers Florida-29

Boomers Florida-28

Boomers Florida-27

Boomers Florida-26

Boomers Florida-25

Boomers Florida-24

Boomers Florida-23

Boomers Florida-22

Boomers Florida-21

Boomers Florida-20

Boomers Florida-19

Boomers Florida-18

Boomers Florida-17

Boomers Florida-16

Boomers Florida-15

Boomers Florida-14

Boomers Florida-13

Boomers Florida-12

Boomers Florida-11

Boomers Florida-10

Boomers Florida-9

Boomers Florida-8

Boomers Florida-7

Boomers Florida-6

Boomers Florida-5

Boomers Florida-4

Boomers Florida-3

Boomers Florida-2

Boomers Florida-1x,

Abandoned Greece 2004 Summer Olympics Athens

How can you forget about the 2004 Summer Olympics. I mean it has been a massive deal for a very long time. I have heard about this place for years now, and I have always wanted to visit. When I visited Athens I finally had the opportunity to check it out. Designed by one of my favorite architects Santiago Calatrava.

It was not until my last day in Athens that I made a trip down there. Actually I was on the way to the airport when I made a pit stop to see and photograph this place. I didn’t have time to visit all the other spots such as the Baseball stadium, Tennis courts and other swimming pools, but I did cover quite a bit of ground. I tried to go into the main stadium but unfortunately could not get in.

When you first get off the train, you get this really weird feeling, its quiet and somber. Walking in I could imagine the crowds of people rushing through the gates to see their country compete. It was just imagining, because the place is a ghost town.

At first view the place does not look that bad, but as you start exploring deeper and deeper you can see how the place was left to decay. I went into some rooms that were really destroyed, super creepy specially since this particular day was overcast and cold.

Recently the Greek government has stepped in and started slowly fixing it up and using it again. Talking to some locals they were very happy about the changes. Unfortunately you can still see and feel the emptiness of this place.

Do you have any memories of this place? Did you attend any of the games? Did you experience its rise and fall? I would love to hear some stories about this incredible place. If you have any please leave them on the comments below.

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-32

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-31

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-30

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-29

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-28

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-27

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-26Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-28

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-25

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-24

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-23

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-22


Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-20

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-19

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-18

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-17

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-16

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-15

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-21

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-14

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-13

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-12

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-11

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-10

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-9

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-8

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-7

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-6

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-5

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-4

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-3

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-2

Abandoned Athens 2004 Summer Olympics-1

Black and White Photography tips

Black and White Photography tips:

Here are some tips on how to make a beautiful Black and White photograph. I live by this when shooting Black and White.

1. When shooting B&W photography it’s important that you learn to see in black and white. Remember you don’t have color to draw the eye when shooting B&W photography, so you have to find shapes and tones to compose your photo. Study the colors and study the your environment picture all the gray tones and picture everything in B&W. I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any others please share on the comments below.

Arquitectural Photography

2. Always shoot in color, it is important that you always shoot in color. Most cameras out there have a B&W setting DO NOT USE IT. If you shoot everything in color you will have more control of the gray scale in post production once you convert it.

The Man In White

The Man In White

3. Always use the lowest ISO setting possible. This will get rid of the noise in the photograph and you will end up with a great clear photograph. If you are looking for noise do it in post production. I like to add noise to (some) B&W but I always do it in post production that way I still have a very high resolution high quality photo.


4. Always shoot RAW, most DSLRS shoot in RAW (and any camera now a days), again this gives you more control of the image in post production thus making a better B&W photograph. If you don’t have this setting on your camera, don’t worry, you can still make an amazing B&W photograph shooting JPEG.

Venice Beach Ball

5. Contrast is very important when shooting B&W photography, it sets the mood it, it defines your lines, it brings out shapes and shadows you would never be able to see in color photography. Play around with it and make it work for you.


Did I miss any? Please leave them in the comments below.

Le Garage New Orleans edinchavezphotography

Always remember that practice makes perfect, and always have fun out there.

Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium

Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium:
During the course of a month and a half visited this place to get enough footage to complete this timelapse. During that time would go into the place, sometimes I would get kicked out by the police and sometimes I would hide from them, most of the time the place was all to my self with a random visitor here and there.

This place has become a landmark here in MIami and its visited by dozens of people every day. The Marine continues to amuse anyone that walks in here, from kids to word renowned photographers and artists from around the world.

Press Play and put it on HD.

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Abandoned Marine Stadium 4

Abandoned Marine Stadium 3

Abandoned Marine Stadium 2

Abandoned Marine Stadium 1