Unveiling the Secrets of the Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Exploring the Forgotten: Unveiling the Secrets of the Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution


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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution1

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution: Exploring the Haunting Remains

Broward Correctional Institution, located in South Florida, has a rich and intriguing history. Originally opened in 1977 as a male prison, it was later converted into a maximum-security facility for women.The prison served as a reception center for female inmates and housed female death row inmates until 2003. Throughout its operation, Broward Correctional Institution housed some notorious and infamous inmates, including Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano.

Broward Correctional Institution’s history is a testament to the various roles it played in the Florida prison system. Its transformation from a male prison to a facility dedicated to housing female inmates speaks to the changing needs and demographics of the state’s correctional system. The presence of high-profile inmates like Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano adds an extra layer of intrigue to the institution’s past.

In 2012, Broward Correctional Institution was closed down due to cost-cutting measures and a decline in prison admissions. The property was eventually sold to the city of Pembroke Pines, which chose to demolish the facility and replace it with a facility for vehicle maintenance and repairs. The closure of the prison marked the end of an era, leaving behind an eerie and captivating site waiting to be explored.

The decision to close and demolish Broward Correctional Institution raises questions about the future of abandoned prisons. What happens to these once bustling, now empty, structures? Are they left to decay, or can they find new life and purpose? In the case of Broward Correctional Institution, the decision was made to repurpose the land for a different municipal need. This raises interesting possibilities for other abandoned prisons and the potential for adaptive reuse in the future.

Urban exploration (urbex) photography provides a unique opportunity to capture the haunting beauty and decay of abandoned prisons like Broward Correctional Institution. The crumbling infrastructure, overgrown vegetation, and eerie atmosphere create a captivating setting for photographers to document and tell the stories of these forgotten places. Urbex photographers can capture the contrast between the harsh reality of prison life and the serenity that has now engulfed these abandoned facilities.

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

One example of urbex photography at an abandoned prison is the work of Seph Lawless, a renowned photographer known for capturing abandoned and decaying places. Lawless’s photographs of the Ohio State Reformatory, a former prison, evoke a sense of history, loss, and desolation. The images showcase the crumbling architecture, peeling paint, and remnants of daily life inside the prison, providing a glimpse into a world that was once teeming with activity.

Exploring abandoned prisons comes with its fair share of challenges and risks. These facilities are often in a state of disrepair, with hazards such as unstable structures, broken glass, and exposed wiring. Additionally, the presence of asbestos or other harmful substances may pose health risks. Trespassing on private property can also lead to legal consequences. It is essential for urbex photographers to prioritize their safety and obtain proper permissions when accessing these locations.

To mitigate some of the risks associated with exploring abandoned prisons, it is crucial for photographers to do thorough research and come prepared. This includes wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, carrying essential safety equipment such as flashlights and first aid kits, and informing someone of their location and expected return time. By taking these precautions and being aware of potential dangers, urbex photographers can safely and responsibly explore these captivating sites.

Entering abandoned prisons without permission is generally considered trespassing and can lead to legal consequences. It is crucial to respect the property rights of owners and seek permission before exploring these sites. Some locations may have specific rules or regulations regarding photography, so it is important to research and adhere to any restrictions in place. By obtaining proper permissions and respecting the law, urbex photographers can ensure a responsible and legal exploration of these abandoned prisons.

One example of a legally explored abandoned prison is the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. The prison now operates as a museum and welcomes visitors who are interested in learning about its history and the stories of the inmates who once lived there. This demonstrates that with the right permissions and a commitment to following the rules, urbex photographers can gain access to abandoned prisons and capture their haunting beauty without breaking the law.

To capture compelling prison photos, urbex photographers should pay attention to details that evoke the atmosphere and history of the space. The decaying architecture, peeling paint, and remnants of daily life inside the prison can all make for powerful images. Experimenting with different angles and perspectives can help convey a sense of the space’s scale and isolation. The use of lighting techniques, such as natural light streaming through broken windows or the play of shadows, can add depth and drama to the photographs. Ultimately, the goal is to capture the essence and emotional impact of these abandoned prisons through the lens.

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

One notable example of a compelling prison photo is “Cell Block D” by photographer Mark Boster. The photograph, taken at the now-closed Ohio State Reformatory, captures the eerie and desolate atmosphere of the abandoned prison. The image showcases the decaying infrastructure, the peeling paint, and the empty cells, evoking a sense of the lives that were once confined within those walls.

Broward Correctional Institution housed some infamous inmates during its operation, including Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano. Aileen Wuornos, known as “The Florida Highway Killer,” was a convicted serial killer who murdered seven men. Judy Buenoano, also known as the “Black Widow,” was convicted of murdering her husband and paralyzed son, as well as attempting to murder her fiancé. These notorious inmates left a dark mark on the history of Broward Correctional Institution.

The presence of infamous inmates like Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano adds to the intrigue and fascination surrounding Broward Correctional Institution. These individuals were responsible for heinous crimes that shocked the nation and left lasting impacts on the communities in which they occurred.

Aileen Wuornos was executed in 2002 for her crimes. Her troubled upbringing, which included sexual assault and abuse, and her criminal activities before becoming a serial killer, have made her a subject of fascination in true crime circles. Judy Buenoano, on the other hand, was executed in 1998. Known for her history of insurance fraud and poisoning her victims with arsenic, Buenoano’s crimes earned her the moniker “Black Widow.”

The stories of Aileen Wuornos and Judy Buenoano serve as a reminder of the darkness that can exist within individuals and the potential for evil to manifest itself in unexpected ways. Their time at Broward Correctional Institution represents a chapter in the prison’s history that will forever be linked to their crimes.

Currently, Broward Correctional Institution no longer stands as it once did. The facility was demolished after its closure in 2012, making way for a new purpose as a facility for vehicle maintenance and repairs. The eerie remnants and memories of the prison have been replaced with new infrastructure, erasing the physical traces of its haunting past.

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

The transformation of Broward Correctional Institution from a prison to a facility for vehicle maintenance and repairs marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is a reminder that even abandoned places can find new life and purpose. The site that was once home to the incarcerated now serves a practical function in the community.

Visitors should not attempt to enter Broward Correctional Institution without permission. The property is monitored by the police, and trespassing can lead to legal consequences. It is important to respect the property rights of the city of Pembroke Pines and obtain proper permissions if access to the site is desired.

While it may be tempting to explore abandoned prisons like Broward Correctional Institution, it is crucial to do so responsibly and legally. By seeking permission and respecting the rules and regulations in place, visitors can ensure a safe and respectful exploration of these haunting remains.

In conclusion, Broward Correctional Institution holds a captivating history and offers a haunting backdrop for urbex photographers. While the prison may no longer stand, its legacy and the stories of its notable inmates continue to intrigue and fascinate. However, it is essential to approach abandoned prisons with caution, respect, and a commitment to legal and ethical exploration. By doing so, we can honor the past while also appreciating the beauty and mystery that comes with exploring these abandoned sites.

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution2

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution16

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution17

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution21

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

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Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution23

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution

Miami Marine Stadium

I started going to the Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium when I first moved here about 7 years ago. It was such a cool place to hang out at.

At the time this place was wide open, meaning only taggers, photographers, film makers and very few people went to it. It was an epic place to hang out at. I have lots of great memories of this incredible place.

This was a venue where they held boat races and other awesome events. It was the first one of its kind and a beautiful stadium to say the least.

The Miami Marine Stadium was damaged by hurricane Andrew in 1992, and it never reopened its doors. It is such a shame because it is such a beautiful place in an incredible location.

Multiple people have attempted to raise money to fix the place and reopen it, but nothing has happened.

They have built a fence around the place and have a full-time security guard on duty now. Making it impossible to get in. It’s a shame that the place is completely off-limits to everyone. It was such a great place for creatives around the world.

Urbex Alturas Packing Company

The term Urbex comes from Urban Exploration.

I was digging through some hard drives to find some fireworks photos for yesterdays post and I ran into these photos from 7 years ago.

I can remember this exact day, I was driving across Florida when I ran into this abandoned place. It was massive and I had go get in through a small hole on the fence. It turns out the building was empty, but it was still cool to shoot and explore for a bit.

After finding some old paper work it turns out this was a packing company from 1968. Crazy to think about what happened or why it closed.

What is even crazier is that I found these photos along with some other cool folders that I will be posting later on.

DSC 3491

DSC 3424

DSC 3362

DSC 3469


This is a very old photo I shot back in 2010 when I was first getting into photography. I remember I really didn’t know what I was doing, I just wanted to shoot. A couple of my friends and I went into this abandoned place in Reno Nevada and hung out there all day. I took lots of shot but this is one of my favorites. How time flies…

DSC 0138

Abandoned Boomers Florida

When I heard that Boomers was coming down, I had to take a trip there to photograph it. What you see below are photos from three different trips, shot from a helicopter and the oldschool way walking around with my camera.

This type of places always creep me out, but this one was not that creepy, it was just kind of sad how operations just stoped and the place kind of just stood empty for a long time in hopes that someoene would purchase it and keep it going.

I managed to climb up the roller coaster and that was super scary, it got so steap and hard to walk that I had a baby panic attack, but it didn’t latst long. I usually never post so many photos, but in this case as with all my other abandoned photo series I thought I would give you lots to look at.

People tell me that this was the happening spot back in the day, did you ever come here? Id love to hear some sotries. If you visited it drop me a line on the comments below.

Boomers Florida-99

Boomers Florida-98

Boomers Florida-97

Boomers Florida-96

Boomers Florida-95

Boomers Florida-93

Boomers Florida-92

Boomers Florida-91

Boomers Florida-90

Boomers Florida-89

Boomers Florida-88

Boomers Florida-87

Boomers Florida-86

Boomers Florida-85

Boomers Florida-84

Boomers Florida-83

Boomers Florida-82

Boomers Florida-81

Boomers Florida-80

Boomers Florida-79

Boomers Florida-78

Boomers Florida-77

Boomers Florida-76

Boomers Florida-75

Boomers Florida-74

Boomers Florida-73

Boomers Florida-72

Boomers Florida-71

Boomers Florida-69

Boomers Florida-68

Boomers Florida-67

Boomers Florida-66

Boomers Florida-65

Boomers Florida-64

Boomers Florida-63

Boomers Florida-62

Boomers Florida-61

Boomers Florida-60

Boomers Florida-59

Boomers Florida-58

Boomers Florida-57

Boomers Florida-56

Boomers Florida-55

Boomers Florida-54

Boomers Florida-53

Boomers Florida-52

Boomers Florida-51

Boomers Florida-50

Boomers Florida-49

Boomers Florida-48

Boomers Florida-47

Boomers Florida-46

Boomers Florida-45

Boomers Florida-44

Boomers Florida-43

Boomers Florida-42

Boomers Florida-41

Boomers Florida-40

Boomers Florida-39

Boomers Florida-38

Boomers Florida-37

Boomers Florida-36

Boomers Florida-35

Boomers Florida-34

Boomers Florida-33

Boomers Florida-32

Boomers Florida-31

Boomers Florida-30

Boomers Florida-29

Boomers Florida-28

Boomers Florida-27

Boomers Florida-26

Boomers Florida-25

Boomers Florida-24

Boomers Florida-23

Boomers Florida-22

Boomers Florida-21

Boomers Florida-20

Boomers Florida-19

Boomers Florida-18

Boomers Florida-17

Boomers Florida-16

Boomers Florida-15

Boomers Florida-14

Boomers Florida-13

Boomers Florida-12

Boomers Florida-11

Boomers Florida-10

Boomers Florida-9

Boomers Florida-8

Boomers Florida-7

Boomers Florida-6

Boomers Florida-5

Boomers Florida-4

Boomers Florida-3

Boomers Florida-2

Boomers Florida-1x,

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

This is what happened to Six Flags New Orleans after Hurricane Catrina. I did a blog post on this a back in 2012 and to this day these are the most viewed photos on my blog to date.

Those photos are old and I do not really like them that much anymore. So I re-did all them and added the rest to this post. There are 116 in total and this place is really amazing. Turns out the movie they were filming was ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’

Here is the original post:

Upon my arrival I was greeted by security and a massive movie production crew, I panicked and wanted to turn around and find a different way to sneak in, but at that point I was committed. When I got to the gates the security guard looked at me, (it helps to have a pretty lady in the car) I smiled and waived as if we knew each other, at that point she waived me in. As I got to the parking lot, there was a massive tent, lots of movie trailers, and what seemed to be the grounds keeper staff in the North East part of the parking lot. Thats where I went to park. As I graved my gear and got out of the car, this guy approaches me, I thought for sure he would kick us out, instead he says, “make sure you go that way (points) and stay away from the film crew, you should be alright” He knew we didn’t belong there and exactly what we were doing, and was cool enough to let us know what whats going on and point us in the right direction. We ended up spending about 3 to 4 hours there and saw some really cool stuff. Not only an abandoned theme park, but also a massive movie production.

I have been wanting to come to this place since Hurricane Catrina, and I finally made it happen, what an amazing place to be. Six Flags New Orleans. This place is massive and a photographers paradise. Not only did I get tot see this place at its worse, but also at its best with the rest of Hollywood.

At the end of it all we where able to get in the car and drive away like nothing ever happened with a massive smile and cameras loaded with goods… Talk about a great day.

Below are some of the images I was able to capture, most of the park was all ours with the exception of a few spots full of people prepping for the film. Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone from that film ever stumbles upon this post, thank you for letting us walk around in awe of this place.

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-1

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-115

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-114

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-112

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-111

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-116

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-110

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-109

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-108

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-107

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-106

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-105

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-104

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-103

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-102

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-101

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-100

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-99

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-98

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-97

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-96

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-95

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-94

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-93

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-92

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-91

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-90

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-89

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-88

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-87

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-86

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-85

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-84

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-83

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-82

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-81

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-80

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-79

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-78

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-77

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-76

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-75

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-74

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-73

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-72

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-71

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-70

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-69

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-68

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-67

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-66

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-65

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-64

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-63

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-62

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-61

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-60

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-59

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-58

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-57

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-56

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-55

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-54

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-53

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-52

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-51

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-50

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-49

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-48

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-47

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-46

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-45

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-44

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-43

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-42

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-41

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-40

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-39

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-38

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-37

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-36

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-35

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-34

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-33

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-32

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-31

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-30

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-29

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-28

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-27

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-26

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-25

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-24

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-23

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-22

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-21

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-20

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-19

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-18

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-17

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-16

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-15

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-14

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-13

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-12

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-11

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-10

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-9

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-8

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-7

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-6

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-5

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-4

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-3

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans-2