South Beach Santa

The other day I purchased an awesome Santa costume. I have always wanted to do a video of Santa Clause in South Beach. Miami Beach is hot year-round, so Christmas doesn’t really feel like Christmas. I thought what a better way to get into the Christmas spirit.

I called up my friend Luciano and off we went to shoot in South Beach. The rest is history. Below is the final video we made. I hope it brings a smile to your face. We had a blast making it.  I will have a making off in a few days. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below or in the video and please subscribe to my channel. The video was shot on my Go Pro Hero 5 and my Sony 6500 on a Zhiyun Crane-M.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Enjoy.

St. Petersburg Aerial Video

Here is some aerial footage from my weekends trip to St. Petersburg. I love going to the West Coast of Florida, there is something about it. It’s chill, and the vibe is so good.

It reminds me a bit California and I try to go as much as possible. It’s a short drive and an awesome adventure. It’s a mini vacation if you will.

I stayed on the beach, and when I woke up I wanted to fly the Mavic Pro, so I sat in front of my room, enjoyed the morning breeze, got flying and got some cool aerials.


How to make everything better

No matter how bad my day is going, my weekend went, or what personal things are happening in my life, I know at the end of the day I always have my camera. That’s my escape, that is the only thing I can count on to take my mind go elsewhere, exactly where I want to be.

That is the magic of photography, it takes you away (physically and mentally) to the most amazing places you can imagine. It’s just like dreaming but in real life. Have you ever had a dream and you just did not want it to end? Well, that is exactly what photography is for me, an endless dream of unlimited possibilities… What does photography mean to you?

I shot the image in the video with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 14-24mm on my MeFOTO tripod.

Sunrise 70 of 117

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Stuck in Cuba Day 3

This was our final day in Cuba, but my favorite one. Why you ask? Well, we went to one of my favorite places in all of Havana. Rafael Tejo Boxing Gym. I love this place, it has so much history, and the trainers and boxers are all my friends. That is always a plus :)

It was sad to see our trip come to an end, but like everything good in life, it must come to a bitter sweet end.

There are lots and lots of photos from this epic location, I will do a separate blog post on this soon. You can see a schedule of my upcoming Cuba workshops here.

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Stuck in Cuba Day 1

One of the funnest trips to Cuba yet. Some friends and I went down to Cuba to take some photos and have some fun. It was epic, to say the least. We worked our butts off, but we also played a bit after the shoots.

We stayed in this really cool apartment in the middle of Old Havana, in the heart of it all.

It was fun taking friends down there and just cutting loose, exploring and taking some epic photos. You can see a schedule of my upcoming Cuba workshops here.

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