Best Miami Fireworks Photography Spots

There are 2 times a year when you can expect an incredible fireworks show in Miami. One is on the Fourth of July and the other one is the last day of the year. I have created this post so you know exactly where to go when looking for the best Miami fireworks photography spots.

Keep in mind this is for photography, if you want to go watch them, there are a lot of places you can go, but to photograph them this is the best possible spot from a photographers perspective.

Best Miami Fireworks Photography Spots

This is the best possible spot to photograph the fireworks. From here you get an entire view of the Miami Skyline and it looks absolutely incredible. I shot the photo you see below the last new years. It is was amazing because they usually have fireworks on the side. This time however they had them right in front of the buildings, making it extra special.

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Miami Fireworks Photography Spots


The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D850 with Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod. I highly recommend using a 24-70mm or anything in that range. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

If you do not know how to shoot fireworks. Here is an article for the best settings and how to do it.

Things to remember:

Get there early as it will get packed. Make sure you get there by 8 PM at the latest. This will allow enough time to find a spot you like and set up. Tons of people will show up so if you get there earlier even better.

There is paid parking at the Miami Children’s Museum. Park there and walk over to the bridge and walk up the bridge. Bring something to drink and a snack as you will be there for a few hours.

best places to shoot the fireworks in miami

best photo spots in miami to watch the fireworks


How to use the Contrast Slider in Lightroom to Make Your Photos POP

How do you use the contrast slider in Lightroom? The best Lightroom tool that almost always gets underused by most photographers especially beginner photographers is the contrast tool. It is an intimidating tool because if used incorrectly, you can potentially destroy your image. 

The contrast tool is my favorite tool to finish an image with. Once I edit a photo the way I like it, (landscape, portrait or any kind of image) I always go to my contrast slider to finish it up. 

Contrast makes the photo look real, it makes it look like a finished image. If you are ever in doubt of how to edit a photo or what you need to do to an image to make it pop, always go to the contrast slider. 

How do you use the contrast slider in Lightroom Best tool in lightroom sunset in naples

When you watch the video below, you can see that the image above looks really good after I edited it and before I touched it up. However, once I brought up the contrast the photograph came alive. It made it look so much better. Like a suit without a tie, the contrast slider is the tie to finish off the suit. 

Contrast is just as important as anything else, but I always give it a bit more love than all the other sliders. Contrast brings the colors of an image together, it darkens the right spots and it makes your sky pop. 

When you use contrast correctly in combination with all the sliders in Lightroom, you will see a very large difference in your images. 

Contrast should always be adjusted in all of your images. Once you start to do it and getting familiar with it, you will see there is nothing to fear. 

In this video, you can see how I use contrast to bring my photo to life and to finish it off before sending it off to print. 

How to use the Contrast Slider

To see more tips, tricks and inspiration click this link. 


Tips and tricks for Sunrise photography

Tips and tricks for Sunrise photography you must know

Sunrise photography. Looking to make better photos during sunrise? In this video, I go over some tips and trick to help you do just that.

Sunrise photography can be tricky. As photographers we go out in search of the perfect photo especially during at sunrise and sunset, however, that means that all conditions must be right, from the weather to the right clouds to the right colors and everything in between. Unfortunately, more times than not you will be disappointed with the conditions and it is imperative that you use what you have around you to make good photos regardless of the conditions. 

In this video, I cover everything you need to know for sunrise photography from camera settings to the composition

It is important that you use everything that is around you to help you with your composition. In this particular case I had very little to work with, however, the birds were on my side. 

I immediately started shooting the landscape using the birds as my composition. Birds usually create really interesting patterns that will make a great image, or a boring photo all the sudden not so boring. 

Living on the beach birds are a very important part of my images, but it’s not only about using birds, you can also use rocks or any kind of things that make patters. If you are familiar with my images you will know that I often use water, sand, rocks, and anything at my disposal to make images more interesting. 

The most important thing to remember is that it is not about the journey to make a photo, it is not always going to be a success. In fact most of the time you will be disappointed with your images, but that is ok as long as you have fun in the process. Now that you have a few more tools under your belt, go out there and have some fun. 

Are there any other tips you would add to the list?

Check out my gear list here to see what I am shooting with. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets give them a try. 

Sunrise photography
tips and tricks for sunrise photogrpahy
tips for sunrise photography


The Best Miami Event Photographers

Miami Event Photographers

If you are looking for a Miami Event Photographers or any other event, you came to the right place. You can reach me through my contact page. As the leading Miami Corporate Event Photographer, we can take care of any event no matter the size. If you are a photographer and want to know a bit more about Event Photography and what it takes to make great photos during such an important event please read on.


Miami event photographers

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All You Need to Know About Corporate Event Photography

As a leading Miami corporate event photography team, Edin Chavez Photography Studios stands out with its unmatched photography and use of state-of-the-art equipment. Corporate event photography seems to be the new deal but there are several things many photographers do wrong; a better business courtesy leaves every client happy and satisfied. 

Corporate event photography is one of the many specialties in the photography industry, and it involves taking photos of special company events. Most photographers make their living from this kind of photography as many companies hold regular events like conferences, cocktail receptions, marketing events, dinners, trade shows, seminars, and parties, among others. It is a profitable market with a captive audience – the company’s employees and officers. As a Miami Event Photographer, I have seen it all. 

Here is what  you need to know about Corporate Event Photography

Corporate event photography is not like a fashion shoot or street photography, but all the photos must still tell a story. Most subjects taken are either moving or on the move which shows a more formal environment. A good corporate photographer will be able to come up with creative shots even if there is no such opportunity in the events.

Miami event photographers Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

If you can consider the scheduled time, you will notice that corporate event photography pays well because the event starts at a particular time and also ends as scheduled. What a client that pays you will request from you is great work; so it important to know some basics of good corporate event photography – you can simply start by learning more about your client and the event itself.

Getting to Know Your Client (Very Important)

When it comes to corporate event photography, the first thing you need to be a good corporate event photographer is to know your client. Read and research all about the company. Find out from people what makes the company unique and get information about its success story. Ask a lot of questions on the initial meeting and make sure you know and understand exactly what they want and need.

Miami corporate event photographers, Paris Hilton Miami Event photographer

Paris Hilton

After getting to know the client, get to know about the event

You now need to know and understand your assignment that is the event. Knowing that you will be shooting an awards ceremony for the company’s employees is not enough, you need to have relevant information about the event. Examples include; what’s the story behind the awards? How were the awardees chosen? And what awards will be given away? These and other questions will give you an insight of what your client wants from you. Get as much insight as you possibly can about the event.

When you talk to your client about the event details and ask questions like; will there be a pre-event shoot? Is there a required outfit? What time should you be there? Get all details ready for the event for easy preparation. Other important questions include Wi-Fi available in the venue? Is there a place I can set up my work area during the event? Will another photographer be present at the event? And always ask for a shoot list. This will make your life a lot easier when it comes to getting the job done and done right. 

Things to Do Before the Event

Some days before the event day, you should start preparing yourself and your equipment.

1. Study the venue – You can get a layout of the venue from the client If possible. This will allow you to study your angles and plan your shots ahead of time. You will be able to choose the best angles for each shot so that when the event comes, you won’t be struggling to have a right shot.

2. Get a copy of the complete event program (or schedule) from the manager or the organizer of the event. This will give you an idea of the flow of activities. Furthermore, this will help you draw up your plan. This is especially important when there is an awards ceremony and or a red carpet event. You must know your times. 

Dwyane Wade Miami Event photogapher

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat

3. Invest in a good outfit – Always remember that you are going to a corporate event, not a night out with friends or a fashion show. You have to adhere to the motif or theme of the event. You must blend with the guests present at the event. Guests wear formal or semi-formal attires most of the time at corporate events. 

During the Event

As mentioned above, you should look like a professional when you blend in with the guests. You are also expected to act accordingly about this. When dealing with such industry, it pays to be courteous and respectful. Below are some tips that will help you perform better during the event.

1. Move around the venue slowly – When you do this, you will be finding good subjects. You can make use of zoom lens if you cannot be as close as to your subject as you want. To make this better, you can bring one long zoom and one short zoom lens. This way you have lots of options when you are at the venue. 

2. Always ask for permission before you take a photo of someone or a group of people. Introduce yourself to them as the event’s official photographer, and they will almost always allow you to take their photograph. Please keep in mind some people do not want to be photographed. Do not let that get you down, just keep making your way around and keep shooting. 

Best Miami Corporate Event Photographer, Miami BEach event photographer, Corporate event photographer

MSC Loves Miami

3. Try to get shots from different angles as much as possible. This is where pre-checking of the event venue is important. You will always have a better result with more varied shots. Varied shots will also give you different perspectives. Always try to get creative with your photos, remember you are the photographer and that’s why they hired you. Make use of interesting angles and perspectives to have nice shots. Keep angles interesting to keep the photos interesting. You can shoot between floral arrangements if available etc.

4. Do not take photos of people eating. Particularly when they have their mouths wide open! You can use the dinnertime to rest and review your first shots instead of taking photos. 

5. In addition to the point above, you should also avoid taking photos of presenters and speakers with their mouths open. In this case, you can take continuous shots of the speaker and later choose the ones which are good and don’t show the speaker or presenter in a non-desirable pose or angle, only pick the best shots.

6. Take candid shots of people and always try the flash on and the flash off. See what looks best.  Point your flash toward the ceiling of the venue, this will bounce a nice soft light on the guest. This will also reduce red-eye in your pictures because the red eye is caused when light enters the subject’s eyes at a right angle.

7. Work well and work fast – this is because corporate clients often ask for most of the photos at the end of the event or a day after the event. Your work must be beautifully done and very fast.

8. Don’t be afraid to have fun with posed shots. Always challenge yourself to get more playful even though the organizers may want a variety of shots of attendees. Most event organizers just want the ‘grip and grin shots,’ and this works mostly with interesting or famous people.

9. Always have a plan on how to use the photos before the corporate event. If it is a repeatable event, you may want to make the photos as evergreen as possible (meaning keep it fresh and relevant). Avoid anything that might feel dated or a unique location.

10. Use abstract shots for marketing. While it is important to take shots of attendees having fun, you can also get shots of abstracts that are not focusing on any individual. This is good if your client will be using your corporate event photographs for marketing.

Steve Maden Miami Event Photographers

Steve Maden


Aside from zoom lens (I highly recommend this one), you should also carry the following equipment along whenever you do corporate event photography:

A diffuser you can attach to your flash.

An external flash (though one might be okay for you, you may need 2 one as back up)

Extra camera (in case your camera stops working in the middle of the event)

Extra memory cards and batteries (as many as you can in the case of unforeseen circumstances)

iHeart Radio Crowd Miami Event Photographers

iHeart Radio

A tripod or monopod stand (this is important if you will have to stay in a fixed position for some time)Try as much as possible to be at the event early enough to make a good impression on your client. This will also give you a bountiful time to set up. If you enjoy and love what you are doing and if photography is your passion, you will enjoy every single time spent in a corporate event.

I hope this post was useful. Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions. Happy shooting.

How to shoot the sunset

In this video, I will teach you how to shoot the sunset. I cover settings, composition, and the thought process that goes behind it when shooting the sunset. It has taken me a long time to learn all of this, and I try to put it all in this video.

The images below are the images from this particular evening. As you can see if you follow my suggestions you can get a nice set of photos from one single sunset. Just remember that practice and patience make perfect.

My favorite is the last photo, I love how the orange came together making it look like a postcard. What is your favorite? Do you have any tips you would like to add to the list? Leave them in the comments below.

how to shoot the sunset Miami Sunset Key Biscayne sunset Colorful sunset Miami sunset


3 Lightroom tools you must know as a photographer

What are the 3 Lightroom tools you must know as a photographer? In this video, I cover 3 must know tools in your Lightroom develop module. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this tools will help you get the most out of your images. Technology nowadays is so good that with the information you capture in a RAW file you can do a lot. From enhancing the dynamic range to basically adjusting just about everything inside your image.

3 Lightroom tools you must know as a photographer

I use this 3 tools on a daily basis when editing my images. I find that local adjustments are very useful in every image making it unique to your style.

Remember it’s all about the subtle changes, all the small adjustments you do to your image will come together at the end making a stunning photograph.

I shot the image in the video with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 14-24mm on my MeFOTO tripod.

If you are looking for an easier way to edit your images, you can check out my Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection.

3 Lightroom tools you must know as a photographer