Portraits with Jorge

I love hanging out with awesome people, meet Jorge, he is as awesome as it gets. We had an awesome portrait session. Jorge tried to tell me he has never done this before, however, I think he has done this once or twice before.

He is an awesome photographer and an amazing model. We started off taking some headshots and we quickly moved to the stool. I think the stool worked out great.

It’s always great working with such amazing talent.

I shot these photos with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 24-70mm.

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When do Miami Surfers come out

When do the surfers come out? This is a question I often get asked. The answer is when there are waves! Ok ok, so it is very easy to know when the waves are coming to Miami, all you have to do is watch the weather.

Miami Beach Surfers 49 of 438

When we have a cold front in Miami Beach the waves grow, and they get fairly big. This usually happens in December, January and Feb, but you must remember it is only when there are cold fronts, meaning a 10 degree drop.


Now please be warned, its usually really cold and windy when this happens, but it is well worth the shots. Loads of awesome people come out to the beach just to hang, you also see lots and lots of photographers all along the water as far as the eye can see.

Miami Beach Surfers 352 of 438

I’m always out there when this goes down, so look for me or shoot me a message, lets link up!

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This is where most of the surfers hangout.

Street Photography

In my opinion street photography is one of the hardest forms of the art. It is scary out on the streets, not only that but you have to be like a ninja and have some big balls. I sometimes go out and shoot street, it tests all my senses and helps me understand a bit more about the world. I think this is the best way to sharpen your photography skills no matter what kind of photographer you are.




Kitchen Love

I did a photoshoot of this beautiful home a while back, but the best part was the kitchen. I cook a lot so I can appreciate a nice kitchen. This one felt so airy and inviting, that I wanted to translate that into the pictures. I used a wide angle and a speed light to splash light in the walls. I was exposing for the outside to get all the greens to come through the windows. I have a new Realestate photography course coming out in the next couple months. For now check out my Real Estate Photography Presets.




Photoshoot With Zulisa

Every time I get the chance to work with a beautiful model I take it. Meet Zulisa, she was awesome to work with. I took her to Wynwood to pull this off. It is always great when you work with someone that is naturally talented like Zulisa. As far as lighting this was quite simple, a hand held sped light and the lens I used was a 70-200mm. Overall one of my favorite shoots of all time. Thank you Zulisa for being amazing!!! Isn’t she beautiful?