How to develop your own photography style video 5

Here is day 5 on developing your own photography style, remember to grab the RAW file and follow along.

This is the Black and White version of this photo. You have to be careful when doing black and white and know exactly what sliders to use. There are many ways to turn a photo into black and white, in this video I will show you how you can make a b&w image pop.

Ball Harbor Sunrise 52 of 81

Street Ball

Here is one of my favorite street pictures. I was in Venice Beach California when I heard all kinds of screaming, so I ran over to the BasketBall court and started taking pics of this guys.

The passion for the game this guys had was crazy, and just when it looked like they were going to get into a fight, they would just play it off. It was a battle out there.  I specially like the contrast and tones.

venice beach basket ball players play ball

venice beach basket ball players play ball


This is the famous society sign in Reno Nevada. I shot this a long time ago after a business trip I took there. This is one of the coolest signs ever, it just has so much character. I always wonder why we don’t make cool stuff like this. Seems like everything we make now is kind of lame and its only made to last a little bit. Back then things were made to last a lifetime and the designs were just amazing.

What one do you like better, black and white or color?



Venice Beach California Skate Park Shot From A Kite

Venice Beach California, one of the coolest places in the world. I actually shot this photo about 4 years ago and I shot it from a kite. Yes a kite. Before drones were easily available and affordable there were kites, and believe it or not I used to do lots of kite photography.

Those days were awesome, setting up a kite and this crazy rig to go on the kite where your camera would attach to, it was scarry to say the least but lots of fun. It is fully controllable from a remote control except you can’t see the what you are shooting, its kind of a guessing game.

I have really been into this aerial photography thing for a while, its so cool seeing the world from above.

Venice Beach SkatePark-1

Antelope Canyon Arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona

I have seen a million photos of this place, and I had always wondered what it was like, what it felt like, what it smelled like, and of course what it looked like in person.

I finally made it out there and it was truly amazing, seeing it for the first time was like unwrapping a present when your five years old under your christmas tree. The walls are so tall that when the sun light hits the rocks just right, they change colors like a rainbow during an afternoon rain shower.

We had a tour scheduled for 2pm, but lucky for us one opened up at noon. This is the best time to visit because the sun is directly over the canyon and you get more sun beams coming through. The tour guides are super cool, they grab handfuls of dirt from the ground and throw it in the air so you can get some shots of the beams coming through, it is truly magical.

I took lots of shots but these are some of my favorites. I will certainly be coming back some time in the near future. I will update this post soon with more photos from this place.

AntalopeCanyon (10 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (9 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (2 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (3 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (8 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (5 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (6 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (7 of 10)

AntalopeCanyon (4 of 10)

Miami Cityscape B&W Lightroom tutorial and FREE preset

Lightroom Tutorial

In this video I will walk you through creating a really cool B&W image in Adobe Lightroom. I have also included the preset for this image for FREE on the link below. Check out the video and if you have any questions drop them on the comments below.
Miami Cityscape Free PresetGet Adobe Lightroom Here

After 10.25.46 AM

Miami Cityscape Free Preset

Get Adobe Lightroom Here