Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Upon my arrival I was greeted by security and a massive movie production crew, I paniked and wanted to turn around and find a different way to sneak in, but at that point I was committed. When I got to the gates the security guard looked at me, (it helps to have a pretty lady in the car) I smiled and waived as if we knew each other, at that point she waived me in. As I got to the parking lot, there was a massive tent, lots of movie trailers, and what seemed to be the grounds keeper staff in the North East part of the parking lot. Thats where I went to park. As I graved my gear and got out of the car, this guy approaches me, I thought for sure he would kick us out, instead he says, “make sure you go that way (points) and stay away from the film crew, you should be alright” He knew we didn’t belong there and exactly what we were doing, and was cool enough to let us know what whats going on and point us in the right direction. We ended up spending about 3 to 4 hours there and saw some really cool stuff. Not only an abandoned theme park, but also a massive movie production.

I have been wanting to come to this place since Hurricane Catrina, and I finally made it happen, what an amazing place to be. Six Flags New Orleans. This place is massive and a photographers paradise. Not only did I get tot see this place at its worse, but also at its best with the rest of Hollywood.

At the end of it all we where able to get in the car and drive away like nothing ever happened with a massive smile and cameras loaded with goods… Talk about a great day.

Below are some of the images I was able to capture, most of the park was all ours with the exception of a few spots full of people prepping for the film. Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone from that film ever stumbles upon this post, thank you for letting us walk around in awe of this place.

DSC 2469

DSC 2485

DSC 2511

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DSC 25891

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DSC 3093

This is for you Camila

Happy Thursday. I can’t believe this week is almost done. Not sure if you have heard about the Miami Marine Stadium, well this is it. I come here often. This place serves as a great canvas for any kind of photo shoot you can imagine. It also serves as a place to come chill and meet like minded people expressing them selves in their own ways. Its crazy every time I come here I walk away with new friends, new photographs and amazing experiences. I took this photo from about 30 feet high as you ca see from the pic I was rather close to the edge (you can see in the video how high up I was). There is also access to the roof from where Im standing were you can find your local skaters tearing it up…

The 6,566 seat stadium was built in 1963 on land donated for “water sports,” and designed by architect Hilario Candela, then-a 28-year-old recent immigrant from Cuba. It was dedicated as the Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium opened, completed at a cost of around $2 million ($15.2 million, adjusted for current inflation). A speed boat racer, James Tapp, was killed on opening day. The venue, located just south of Downtown Miami, was revered for its scenic views of Downtown and Miami Beach, hosting motorboat events, and events featuring the likes of Mitch Miller, Sammy Davis, Jr., and U.S. President Richard Nixon (whose seasonal winter residence, dubbed “the Florida White House,” was on nearby Key Biscayne).
From its opening for nearly 30 years, the stadium was used for its intended “water sports” as well as concerts, sporting events such as boxing, which began in 1972. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew, it was declared an unsafe building under Miami-Dade County building code on September 18, 1992. In 2004, $3,000,000 was pledged in a municipal bonds by county residents for the restoration and renovation of the facilities.

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This is for you Camila

Shot of the Day-Man in Blue

This is Barcelona Spain late at night in La Rambla, the guy you see there in blue is actually the gate keeper, he was waiting to close the gates there at the end. This place is really cool, you can get easily lost in the city laid out like a maze. I was actually on my way home when I shot this, what caused me to stop was the man in blue, after shooting this I waited to see what he was doing, about 15 minutes later he walked up to the gates and locked them up and took off.

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The Man In Blue 1

The Man In Blue

Daily Photo-Lord Charles

This is an abandoned apartment complex that recently was burned down by a serial arsonist.  This is a very weird place because is surrounded by life. Before it was burned down it had been abandoned for a long time.

Lord Charles

Lord Charles

By Edin Chavez