When I heard that Boomers was coming down, I had to take a trip there to photograph it. What you see below are photos from three different trips, shot from a helicopter and the oldschool way walking around with my camera.

This type of places always creep me out, but this one was not that creepy, it was just kind of sad how operations just stoped and the place kind of just stood empty for a long time in hopes that someoene would purchase it and keep it going.

I managed to climb up the roller coaster and that was super scary, it got so steap and hard to walk that I had a baby panic attack, but it didn’t latst long. I usually never post so many photos, but in this case as with all my other abandoned photo series I thought I would give you lots to look at.

People tell me that this was the happening spot back in the day, did you ever come here? Id love to hear some sotries. If you visited it drop me a line on the comments below.

Boomers Florida-99

Boomers Florida-98

Boomers Florida-97

Boomers Florida-96

Boomers Florida-95

Boomers Florida-93

Boomers Florida-92

Boomers Florida-91

Boomers Florida-90

Boomers Florida-89

Boomers Florida-88

Boomers Florida-87

Boomers Florida-86

Boomers Florida-85

Boomers Florida-84

Boomers Florida-83

Boomers Florida-82

Boomers Florida-81

Boomers Florida-80

Boomers Florida-79

Boomers Florida-78

Boomers Florida-77

Boomers Florida-76

Boomers Florida-75

Boomers Florida-74

Boomers Florida-73

Boomers Florida-72

Boomers Florida-71

Boomers Florida-69

Boomers Florida-68

Boomers Florida-67

Boomers Florida-66

Boomers Florida-65

Boomers Florida-64

Boomers Florida-63

Boomers Florida-62

Boomers Florida-61

Boomers Florida-60

Boomers Florida-59

Boomers Florida-58

Boomers Florida-57

Boomers Florida-56

Boomers Florida-55

Boomers Florida-54

Boomers Florida-53

Boomers Florida-52

Boomers Florida-51

Boomers Florida-50

Boomers Florida-49

Boomers Florida-48

Boomers Florida-47

Boomers Florida-46

Boomers Florida-45

Boomers Florida-44

Boomers Florida-43

Boomers Florida-42

Boomers Florida-41

Boomers Florida-40

Boomers Florida-39

Boomers Florida-38

Boomers Florida-37

Boomers Florida-36

Boomers Florida-35

Boomers Florida-34

Boomers Florida-33

Boomers Florida-32

Boomers Florida-31

Boomers Florida-30

Boomers Florida-29

Boomers Florida-28

Boomers Florida-27

Boomers Florida-26

Boomers Florida-25

Boomers Florida-24

Boomers Florida-23

Boomers Florida-22

Boomers Florida-21

Boomers Florida-20

Boomers Florida-19

Boomers Florida-18

Boomers Florida-17

Boomers Florida-16

Boomers Florida-15

Boomers Florida-14

Boomers Florida-13

Boomers Florida-12

Boomers Florida-11

Boomers Florida-10

Boomers Florida-9

Boomers Florida-8

Boomers Florida-7

Boomers Florida-6

Boomers Florida-5

Boomers Florida-4

Boomers Florida-3

Boomers Florida-2

Boomers Florida-1x,