Ocean Drive Iconic Aerial Photographs

I shot these a long time ago, by that I mean about 2 years ago. Ocean Dr. is such an icon. This place is full of life, tourists and locals alike and any day of the week this place is jammed packed.

There are so many photos of this place from people all over the world, including some of mine. This time I wanted to get something different, something nobody has ever seen before. Thats when I shot these. They have become very popular and I love when people ask about these images.





Tropic Cinema Key West

Walking the streets of Key West you can easily miss the Tropic Cinema. Once the sun goes down the place comes alive, the neon lights and Marlin Monroe are hard to miss.

I was walking around at night trying to find cool stuff to shoot when this I saw the neon lights out of the corner of my eye. I shot this hand held at blue hour but I went back with a tripod later that night and re-shot it. I like this one better.

Camera settings: 1/100 f3.5 ISO 400

Tropic Cinema