Shooting the Miami Skyline

Just like any other night, yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. I was so happy to go skate around and also to catch a nice sunset. The night before the sunset was epic, full of color, it looked like a crayon box had melted in the sky.

I met up with my friend Luis Enrique, and the night did not disappoint. It was not colorful like the previous night, however, it was nice and moody, the wind was blowing giving the night a really cool mood. It felt like I was walking through an amusement park at night.

I also got to fly my Mavic Pro so the evening was just epic. Check out the video to watch behind the scenes. I shot this with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 70-200 lens. (this lens is super sharp) I shot all this on my baby tripod, I love this thing, I’m telling you it comes in handy without having to carry around a big heavy one.

You can see this exact location on my Top 10 Places to Photograph in Miami Beach article.

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Another great night of photos

Its been raining like crazy here in Miami, but that has not stopped me from going out to shoot. In fact it was made me go out more. Like I always say, bad weather makes great photos, and this crazy weather is no different. I went out last night to catch some night shots, it has been a while since I went out on a night shoot and last night it paid off.

It was great just being out there taking cool pics and just having out with friends talking and laughing about life. Thats what photography is all about, having a good time.

Check out the vid for behind the scenes and all the madness that went down, including the spot we got kicked out from.

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Here is a cool shot of an NYPD Police car I shot in Times Square. I was sitting at this curb waiting for some action when all of the sudden this cop car stopped right in front of me, giving me a chance to capture this awesome shot.

Camera settings: 1 second F22 IS 31

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New York City Reflections

Here is one I shot on my last New York City workshop. This was one of the last photos I shot during that trip. It was so cold I could not feel my fingers, my face, my feet, anything at all. I remember thinking “if the photo comes out good, it will be all worth it”

Camera settings: 30 seconds F18 ISO 100

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Ocean Drive Dressed in Purple

Here is the most iconic place in all of Miami, the infamous Ocean Dr. This places is awesome and always jumping, full of life. I shot this yesterday at my Capture the Sunset Photography Workshp. The weather was so crazy everyone thought I was going to cancel, but remember that bad weather makes good pictures.

If you want to know more about my workshops, you can check out my workshops page on this link. Send me a message if you have any questions. I reply to everyone on a personal basis.

To learn how I take this photos check out this post dedicated to long exposures, if you can’t make it to one of my workshops, this is the next best way to learn.