Fragata Livertad Argentina

I went out last night to shoot this insane sail ship. It is called the Fragata Libertad and it is from Argentina.

I was so happy when the sky dressed up in pink, not only that but it lasted for ever… This ship looks very close to the BAP UNION Peruvian Naval Ship. You can see those pics here: and here

Check out the vid to watch the behind the scenes. (I did not get close to the ship this time and I thought it was the BAP Union) They look really close to the same.

20 Sec F22 ISO 100

BAP Union Night Pictures

Yesterday I posted my aerial photos of the BAP Union ship, they are super cool, but these are my favorite. I love shit shots, I had to go around to the other side to ge the other 2 photos, even though I wanted to go home, I stayed and got what I think are some great photos.

These are all shot at different settings, I wanted to get the starburst effect on the lights on the ship and good movement on the clouds.

What one is your favorite out of the 3?

Settings: 30 seconds f22 ISO 100

Settings: 58 seconds f22 ISO 100


Settings: 78 seconds f22 ISO 100


Bap Union Aerial Shots at Sunset

This is the BAP Union. Its a training Navi ship from Peru. It is the second largest sail ship in the world. It made a stop here in Miami and today it leaves for Mexico.

This ship looks like something out of a movie, more like a Pirates Ship, and it is absolutely stunning. I was lucky enough to take a tour on the ship and see the interior of this incredible master piece.

You can see the craftsmanship thoroughout the ship and the pride that these sailors take on running this vessel is great.

I will be posting more on this on the next few days. I will start with all these aerial shots from this insane sunset. These were all shot with my DJI Phantom.