Living the Dream

I am living the dream! That’s what we all want to be able to say right?

I had an awesome photography workshop this morning and it was epic, to say the least. I feel like I am dreaming every time I am in the presence of the Atlantic Ocean. Feeling the ocean breeze hit my face makes me smile like a kid at a toy store.

I have always had this idea in my head, that when I was older I would move to a warm beautiful beach somewhere, live on the sandy beach where the high tide would come up to my front doorsteps. Somewhere where I would wake up in a hammock in the middle of the night listening to the beautiful waves as they draw a big fat juicy smile on my face. Somewhere touristy where I would teach people how to surf or scuba or do something cool while they are on their dream vacation.

It was not until this morning when I realized I am living my dream. The dream I have been dreaming for a long time. It is crazy to think that I am doing everything I have described above. Well, I do not have a house on the beach (not yet anyway) however I live very close to it. So close to it I can walk to it, ride my skateboard, bicycle or if I really wanted to drive for 3 seconds and be upon its presence.

The best part of the story is that I teach workshops on the beach, sunrise photography workshops. Yes, I have subconsciously created the life I have always dreamed of. Crazy to think that right? I live in paradise, and teach people something I love to do.

The universe always works its self out. If you believe in something so bad and visualize it in your head day in and day out, it will eventually come true. Do not get me wrong, I have worked my butt off to get to this point, but it is happening. I feel so blessed to be in the situation that I am in.

I just launched my new Photography Workshops website, after teaching workshops to locals for over 5 years, I have opened the door to everyone from everywhere just about every day of the week. You guys kept asking me when I was going to do this, here you have it.

My new site is called please drop in, check out the site and the blog. Leave us a comment and book your next adventure with us. I promise it will be an unforgettable one. If you want to help us, simply share it with your friends and help us spread the word. We will be adding new tours, new photography guides and loads of new photos.

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Stuck in Cuba Day 1

One of the funnest trips to Cuba yet. Some friends and I went down to Cuba to take some photos and have some fun. It was epic, to say the least. We worked our butts off, but we also played a bit after the shoots.

We stayed in this really cool apartment in the middle of Old Havana, in the heart of it all.

It was fun taking friends down there and just cutting loose, exploring and taking some epic photos. You can see a schedule of my upcoming Cuba workshops here.

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Music to the ears

I was wrapping up a photo walk in Havana Cuba and we started heading to the car when all the sudden we saw this beautiful girl playing in the wind. She was actually filing a video and didn’t mind me snapping a few flicks of her. She looked so beautiful in the light with the wind blowing through her hair. I was spaceless…

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Cuba an Incredible Journey


Cuba is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It is full of life, culture, and the architecture is incredible. This is one of my favorite places to visit so much that I want to take you there. You can come with me to one of my photography workshops and let me take you to Havanas most epic places.

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Long Exposure at the Everglades

I had a workshop out at the Everglades on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was the first time I use an 10 stop ND filter out there. We stayed in this particular spot for about 2 hours and this was my favorite shot of the day. It was shot at 81 seconds F22 and ISO 31 (the lowest the Nikon 810 goes) and I managed to capture the clouds just right. I love the way they create a notion of movement, making the photo three dimensional.

I also used the walkway as my leading lines to invite the viewer into the photo creating a this dreamy effect in the horizon.