LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami. I recently covered LE Miami and it was a blast. My guys and I shoot a lot of events every year, however this is one of the funnest ones I have ever covered.

I love doing what I do and the fact that my these types of events reach out to me because they want my team and I to cover them, well its very special.

Check out these photos I shot of some of the performers at the end of the day. If you need an event covered anywhere in the US, you can contact me here directly.

LE Miami

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

LE Miami Event Photographer

I shot this with my Sony camera and a 28-75mm lens. So far I am loving the Sony, however I still use my Nikon as well. I love shooting both, what can I say… Do you like the photos?

Vegandale Miami

Vegandale Miami. I just got done shooting Vegandale Miami and it was a blast. There were around 10,000 people at the event, and it was great to see so may people come together to have a great time. I learned that most people are vegans for the love of animals. That is great to see. The entire community is so amazing, and lots of people brought their doggies. As an animal lover my self this was incredible to see.

Vegandale contacted me to do lifestyle photoshoot for them and also to cover their event. I was not sure what to expect, but I must say this was one of the funnest events I have covered. As far as the lifestyle shoot, the models were super fun to work with and the entire team was awesome to work with.

For this shoot I used my Sony camera and a 70-200. I was able to get some really cool shots using this set up and at the same time packing light. I also used a constant LED light at full power to mimic the sun and light up the models just right. You can see the light was put about 6 feet to my right hand side to cast a really nice light over the models and the set.

Vegandale Miami, miami event photographer


Can you guess my favorite photo? We shot for 4 hours and out of these 4 I think number one and number 3 are my absolute favorite. What one do you like best?



I can not wait for next year to cover Vegandale again. The most loving group of people gathered together for one great cause under one roof. Is about the food, about the cause, and of course, it is about the people. If you get a chance to visit Vegandale, I highly suggest you do. Its fun and they have great food too :)

If you need photography or video coverage for your event, do not hesitate to contact me. We have crews on all 50 states to cover your event from start to finish. You can contact me directly here.

Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami. Here are some awesome shots of Steve Aoki in Miami at the Bitcoin Conference. My team and I covered the entire thing and it was a blast! A ton of work but a blast to say the least. There were so many celebs, and cool people all over. What a massive conference and a great place to make incredible connections and take some epic photos.

This is actually the 3rd or 4th time I shoot Steve, he is a ton of fun and the energy he brings to the stage is awesome. He never disappoints!

I shot this entire show with a Sony a7 IV. I just picked it up and I like like it, I’m not going to lie, however I like the Nikon colors way better. The Sony is so small and light, its hard to walk away from it. Caring the Nikon D850 with massive lenses all day can get a bit tiering.

For now, I will keep the Sony and possibly get another one as a back up. My Nikons still work great, I am still going to keep them as I use them for my landscapes. For events however, the Sony will do the trick., and the more I use it, the more I like it.

Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami Steve Aoki in Miami

Speaking of Crypto, are you into Crypto? I have been trading crypto for the past 2 years and it was been an incredible experience. I have learned so much, specially how to make money. You can start making money in crypto today by simply downloading the CryptoTab browser. Its what I use now, and it mines bitcoin for me 24/7. Give it a try.

Travel Con Austin Texas an Epic Success For The Travel Industry

Travel Con 2018 in Austin Texas was amazing. I spent last week surrounded by incredible people with the same goals. To travel the world and make money doing it.

I was one of the speakers at this conference and nothing makes me happier than teaching people about what I am so passionate about. Photography.

Travel Con

Travel Con was incredible and a massive success. I connected with so many people, and it was great to see and hang out with old friends.

TravelCon Boston

My class went really well, we packed over 100 people in the classroom.  It was great for teaching other people about photography and my editing process. If you want to see all the fantastic speakers and classes here, you go: TravelCon2018

The keynotes were not only inspiring but extremely informational.  For anyone from beginners to pros, this conference was inspirational, uplifting and of course, a great place to meet like-minded people.

TravelCon Edin Chavez Austin Texas Boston

If you are in the travel industry or want to be part of it, Travel Con is the place to be. It will be in Boston next year, and it is going to be EPIC. Check www.TravelCon.org

A massive THANK YOU to everyone that attended, from the organizers to the speakers to all the attendees.

A special thanks to Anthony Johnson Photography for taking these photos and connecting with me. You are an incredible photographer, and of course, I love the hustle. Go check him out. His IG is @anthonyj_photo

Thanks again to everyone in my life for all the support in this incredible journey. Love you guys!


Travel Con Nomadic Matt

I really enjoy teaching photography. Having thought local and international workshops for the past 5 years, I have a new found passion for teaching.  If you are interested in learning more about photography check out my courses where I dive deep into photography and share all my secrets. You can find my classes here and my Lightroom Presets. (If you attended the conference use code TravelCon18 and get 30% off)

Museum of Ice Cream Miami a place as colorful as you would imagine

Ice Cram Museum 387 of 625

The Miami Museum of Ice Cream is as Pink as you imagine

What is this place? Its the Museum of Ice Cream. I had no idea what to expect before walking into the Museum of Ice Cream. As soon as the door behind me closed all I could see was pink, like being inside a massive cotton candy ball.

Ok ok, here is what I want you to do.  Close your eyes, now imagine walking into a happy place, not just any place but a place you would read about in a children’s fantasy book. Are you there? Now paint it pink. Yes, its kind of like that. People smiling, kids laughing it is just a great time. Ok great, let’s walk through the place together.

With a massive grin on my face, I approach a fortune teller, and you guessed it, she is dressed in pink.  She asks me to pick a card, and after careful consideration, the card is chosen. Like a kid at a candy store, am full of joy and I listen as she reeds my fortune. I was kind of skeptical at first but I do not want to spoil this adventure for you but let’s just say she predicted everything correctly.

We make our way to the first room, where the sprinkle pool is. It is epic but a bit crowded. There are screaming children everywhere. We wait until everyone exits and we get our shots before the next group comes in.

Ice Cram Museum 505 of 625

The Museum of Ice Cream gets cooler as you start walking through the mase of pink.

The beautiful thing about the Museum of Icecream is that the fun never ends, they have ice cream in just about every corner, and every spot is a photo op. Let me rephrase that, is an incredible photo op, unlike any photo op out there.

We spent about 3 hours there and we could have spent a lot longer. Once you make it past the first room, the crowds start to dissipate and everyone starts to go at their own pace, some slower than others.

Cameras are allowed and you can click the day away in just about every corner. The entire staff is friendly and they go out of their way to help you get your perfect shot. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.

The Museum of Icecream finishes at the rooftop of the building. A nice place to eat the last scoop of key lime pie ice cream while watching the sunset with an epic ocean view.

Here are some of the photos we shot. The model is Mercedes, you can follow her on Instagram. Scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the video.


The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm and a Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod and a wide angle is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.


What’s your favorite photo? Can you guess mine?

Sprinkle pool museum of ice cream Museum of Ice cream Miami

Ice Cram Museum 96 of 625

Ice Cram Museum 597 of 625Ice Cram Museum 457 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 435 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 348 of 625Ice Cram Museum 115 of 625Ice Cram Museum 397 of 625Ice Cram Museum 292 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 221 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 196 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 120 of 625
Ice Cram Museum 6 of 625

Paris Hilton Dj’s Art Basel

I had the pleasure of shooting Paris Hilton During Art Basel week. She made an appearance at a private party, and let me tell you she still has a massive following. After about an hour of her taking selfies with fans and on the red carpet she made it up on stage. I thought she was going up to wave a the crowd, but instead, she started to tear up the turntables. I had never seen Paris play before, and I was pleasantly surprised. She can get down and pump up the crowd.

As soon as she started playing the floor filled up with people dancing and trying to sneak a photo of Paris with their cell phones, it was impossible to get through that crowd, so I waited until her set was almost over to get in the crazy crowd and get a shot.

Here is one of my favorite photos I shot of her. She was dancing, pumping up the crowd and just having a good time.  It’s good to see Paris in Miami, especially during Art Basel.

Paris hilton djing