Hollywood set?

You would think that this is straight out of a Hollywood set right? Let me tell you, walking through he streets of Cuba feels just like that. It is so crazy being back in time surrounded by beautiful cars and architecture.

I love this country so much, it is an endless sea of perfect images waiting to be taken. I do lots of workshops here for that reason, its a blank canvas for us photographers looking for the perfect shot.

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Chevy Power Glide

Walking the streets of Key West at 1 AM I found this awesome Chevy Power Glide.  I am a total car guy and I absolutely love cars. This beautiful car a caught my eye when I was looking for an awesome place to shoot. What more awesome do you want?!?!?  I quickly stopped to admire the lines and the attention to detail.

I love old cars, but I really love “Rat Rods” I’m not sure what category this falls into but I really like this car.  I shot it for about 45 minutes and people stared coming up to it and taking pictures with it.  It’s funny to see how people act when there is someone with a camera taking photos. In their mind they think someone looks professional and its taking photos, I better get a photo my self ….



Dubal Street (20 of 102)

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Dubal Street (37 of 102)  Dubal Street (45 of 102)CheDubal Street (39 of 102)

Cuban Cars

One of the coolest things about Cuba is of course the cars. Its like being stuck in the 50s, almost as if time stopped but life continued. It’s what you always see in photos so you immediately think of old cars when you think of Cuba.

Let me tell you they do not disappoint. There are lots of them and they are all beautiful. Some are old and tired and some are fully restored. No matter in what condition you find them in, they are all jaw dropping, and if you are in to cars, well they are that much cooler.

My first impression when I saw this cars was Woaaaaa, passion immediately came to mind. There are lots of new cars in Cuba, it’s just that you never see them in photos because they are not very interesting. When you see this old cars and talk to the owners, you realize how passionate they are about their cars. Their face lights up and they can’t stop talking about it. The cars are either purchased but mostly handed down from generation to generation, making them that much more valuable to the owners.

Have you ever been? If you want to go hang out with me and my friends I have a workshop coming up there soon. Check out this link for details.

If you are interested in learning how I edit my fotos from Cuba, scroll down to the bottom and watch a video.


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Want to see how I edit my photos from Cuba? Check out the video below where I go through and entire edit of one of the images above.