Top 10 places to photograph in Cuba

I love Cuba, in fact, I love it so much I go there often. Now that it is possible for us to visit this beautiful country I make it a point to visit as much as I can. I also teach an incredible photography workshop down there. Check it out, if you are interested shoot me a message.

In case you can’t make my workshop but you are on your way to Cuba, I have put together an awesome list of places you must visit and photograph. All of these are very accessible and incredibly stunning.

I have added the maps to go with the pics so make a print out before you get there. The Internet is very slow down there. All these images were edited using my Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection.

If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line below. Hashtag #edinchavez when you post photos from these spots. I would love to check them out.

1. El Malecon. This is the coolest spot in Havana, its full of life and its the place everyone comes to watch the sunset. Best time to shoot is sunset.

2. The Streets of Old Havana. This is super awesome street photography. Everyone is super nice and you will be so overwhelmed, it’s hard to take a bad photo. Best time to shoot is mid day.

3. The Port. This place is awesome, lots of locals go sit and wait for the crew ships to come in. There are also loads of classic cars everywhere, this is the best place to photograph the coolest cars. Best time to shoot is mid day.

4. El Gran Teatro de Havana. This place is amazing. It is so beautiful inside you jaw is guaranteed to be on the floor. Bring a wide angle lens. The best part about its only 5CUC to go in. Best time to shoot anytime.

5. Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro. This place has the best views of Havana period. This is the good place to come for sunset and or sunrise. I always make sure I make it up here a few times during my trip.

6. Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym – Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo. This place is epic and has a lot of history. The best boxing Olympians have come out of here. Best time to shoot, anytime during training.

7. Parque Central. This place is quite amazing. It’s full of locals and tourists alike, it is the meeting hub for people and you can see beautiful cars and awesome people just hanging out. Best time to shoot, day time.

8. El Floridita. This is the Daiquiri bar. Where Ernest Hemingway used to hang out at. It is always full of people and awesome cars. Best time to shoot is at night. Go inside too and enjoy a cold drink some amazing live music.

9. El Malecon Divers. This is a great place to photograph the kids playing in the water. Not only that but also the fisherman hang out here. They are usually here mid day to sunset.

10. El Capitolio. Built by the USA this place has a lot of history. A must when in Havana. Best time to shoot anytime. You can get a cool photo of the Capitolio from the Gran Teatro when you are there.


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