Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

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It’s Friday!!!! What an insane week I have had, started off with the amazing Miami Beach Photography Club (organized and created by yours truly) and ended up at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida. OMG what an amazing week and series of events. Where do I even begin???? I suppose I will post photos and tell you about it …


Storm at the Everglades

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Storm at the Everglades; Happy Sunday peeps, what are you doing today? Me? Im just relaxing I have had a crazy week/weekend full of activities. I have family visiting and we are going crazy touring everything South Florida has to offer. Here is a photo of the Everglades, I shot this yesterday right before getting drenched by a crazy storm …


The Everglades

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Happy Saturday!!! I just got back from a crazy business trip, it was exhausting and unforeseen but everything went extremely well. You know when the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to come together? This trip was all about getting all the right pieces to fit just right. (more on this later) The photo, I shot this at the …

Miami and the moon

How to add the moon to one of your photos

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How to add the moon to one of your photos: Hello people, whats with all this moon talk, you know the moon is really not that hard to shoot, all you need is a crazy lens, like 400mm or above. If all you have is a 200mm like I do you can still shoot it and add it to one …