What’s in my Bag? Here is a question I often get asked so here you have it, this is from my bag to everything in it. (this grows daily since I have an addiction with photography) Let me know if you have any of this gear and your experiences with it.To keep everything safe and dry I carry everything in a Pelican 1510 Case. this is a carry on allowed in just about any airline, this way I’m never stuck with out my gear.Click on any of the photos to check prices and purchase. I shop at B&H they are tax free and shipping is instant.  Check out this post I did on how I pack on my daily photo adventures.

Pelican Case

For my cameras I rock a Nikon D800e as my main camera and a Nikon D800 as a back up. I usually just carry my D800e around but when I travel or have gigs a back up is a must. You never know what potentially could go wrong. I love this camera, its reliable and it takes beautiful photos, further more it has at ton of megapixels so you have a lot to work with in post. Click on the images to see info and purchase.



Next up is my glass, this is Nikons top of the line 2.8 glass. Its expensive but when you use it you understand why.  My favorite is Nikons 14-24mm this almost never leaves my camera. The other two lenses I use mainly in studio or when shooting people for adds.

Nikon 14-24




Yes this is one of my favorite new toys, I must warn you it really isn’t a toy and its a bit difficult to control at first but once you get the hang of it it kicks ass. This thing has a camera that you can fully control from the palm of your hand and it shoots RAW images. I love it!


If you want to upgrade I highly recommend this bad boy!!!

In my studio I rock Hensel 500 watt mono lights. This are fast and very reliable. They recycle fast and you can run them all day with out a glitch. They have a fan so they are guaranteed to rock all day and night if you need them to. This kit is a good start and a great price.


For hard drives I have lots of them but this Lacie Rugged portable HD is an absolute must. Its great to take anywhere with you and  rock any shoot.  Make sure you get the thunderbolt one for fast deliveries.


For all my photos I have this bad boy, the Promise Pegasus R4, this thing works really well, it has 4 drives in it and they work together, so if one breaks you do not lose any data, simply replace it and it’s all good. As your collection grows you can get more and link them together. Its perfect.



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  2. Hi Edin, one question… when u’re on the road, how do you download/back up your images? Or do you just carry a ton of memory cards?

    1. Author

      Hi Carmen, I put everything on my Lacie external hard drive and on my lap top. I like to empty my memory cards daily to keep track of what I shoot and see everyday.

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