Best Photography Spots Miami Florida Has

When you think of Miami you think of sunshine, life, beautiful people and a beautiful skyline. As a very active photographer in the city when I am not on a paid shoot, I am always looking for the best photography spots Miami has to offer. As such I am constantly finding new places in this beautiful place we call Magic city.  

Best Photography Spots Miami Has For You to Explore

Below is a list of the best photography spots Miami has to offer. These are places I visit often and have my seal of approval. I also wrote when the best times to photograph at this locations are. The best photography spots Miami has are all very easy to access. Pack light and get to work. If you hustle you can get all these done by the time you vacation is done.  The image below was shot from a friends balcony that is why it did not make the list of the best photography spots Miami edition. But it’s a pretty picture. One of my favorites. I shot it with my Nikon and my Nikon 70-200.

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Best Photography Spots in Miami Florida

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The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm and a Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod and a wide angle is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

Top 29 Photography Spots in Miami Florida

1. Matheson Hammocks Park. This park is really beautiful, it took a beating from Hurricane Irma however you can still get beautiful images there. This is a popular location for engagement photo shoots as well. 

Matheson Hammocks Park best photography spots Miami has to offer

2. Ocean Drive Miami Beach. This is an iconic place where a lot of famous films and TV shows are filmed.  This place is a must at sunset and or at night. 

Ocean Drive Sunset best photography spots Miami

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This place is awesome, it is full of history and epic for photoshoots. Best time to shoot is really all day as there is beautiful light all day in the gardens. 

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Best photography spots Miami

4. Miami Skyline under MacArthur Causeway. This is one of my favorite places to shoot and hang out at. This place is located right next to the Miami Children’s Museum. It is very easy to find and a great place to catch a sunset over the skyline. 

best photography spots Miami down town Miami florida

5. Miami Beach Surfers.  You can find surfers in Miami Beach in the winter time. As we get a cold front from the Bahamas the waves get bigger and the surfers come out. This is a very cool time to catch a sunrise and hang out with the chill crowd of Miami. 

Surfers in Miami Beach best photography spots Miami

6. Key Biscayne Beach. This place is really awesome, and one of the only dog-friendly beaches in South Florida.  The best time to shoot is at sunset. Bring a beer or a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery. 

Key Biscayne Florida Sunset best photography spots Miami

7. Miami Skyline on top of the MacArthur Causeway. This is the view from the top of the MacArthur Causeway. You can access it from the Southern side of it. There is a nice long ramp that takes you to this spot. Park at the Miami Children’s Museum. 

Miami Skyline best photography spots Miami

8. Sunny Isles Pier. This is a great place to come shoot the sunrise. You have to be up early to make it but its well worth the short drive. There is almost never anyone here. 

best photography spots Miami Sunny Isles Pier Sunrise

9. Ball Harbor Beach. Beautiful views of the Atlantic can be seen from here. Best time to come is at sunrise. 

Ball Harbor Beach best photography spots Miami

10. South Pointe Pier. I shot this photo from the top of the pier. From here you can catch beautiful views of Miami just about any direction you look. Best time to come is at sunrise and or sunset. 

South Pointe Park Pier best photography spots Miami

11. South Pointe Park. This is one of my favorite places to come enjoy the sunset. You can see the port of Miami and watch the ships come in and out of the port. It’s a site to see. 

Sunset at South Pointe Park best photography spots Miami

12. Maurice Gibbs Park in Miami Beach. You have beautiful views of the islands from here. Best time to come is at sunset. This place is right around the corner from me. We might possibly run into each other as I come here often. 

Sunset Maurice Gibbs Park Miami Beach best photography spots Miami

13.  The Miami Skyline from the Venetian Bridge. This is another view you can get of the Miami skyline. I shot this from the Venetian bridge closest to downtown. Best thing to do is to rent a bike and ride it across. Its only 2-3 miles each way and it is a beautiful ride. I do this bike ride twice a day just to relax and get the blood flowing. 

14. Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers. These can be found all over the beach and they are very colorful and beautiful. Best time to catch one of these beauties is during sunrise. Anywhere in Miami Beach, these can be spotted. 

15. Alice Wainwright Park. This is a great park to relax and catch a sunrise. Lots of palm trees and water views. You also have this cool benches that say Miami on them. 

16. Bayside Mall. To get this particular shot you have to walk up the bridge from Bayside Mall. It’s a short walk and well worth it. I recommend a wide angle lens for this shot. 

17. The rocks in Miami Beach. These rocks can be found on the beach in 30th street. Best time to come is at sunrise during low tide. 

18.Brickell Key. This is shot from Brickell Key looking East towards downtown. Best time to come is at sunset and or at night. 

19. The Miami River. This is the Miami River, you can find a path to walk it downtown. It is a beautiful walk with plenty of photo ops. Best time to come is at night. 

20. Sunrise at the bach. This is as simple as it sounds. Head to the beach for an epic sunrise, kick back and enjoy the scenery. This is Miami Beach of course. 

21. Haulover Inlet. This is an awesome spot to come for sunrise. There are lots of fishermen unless there is a storm. I captured this image during a crazy storm in hurricane season. 

22. Faena Hotel. This is the only place in Miami and possibly the world that as a golden Ryno. Gret place to take photos and it is right on the beach. 

Golden Rino Miami best photography spots Miami

23. The Everglades National Park. If you have time you absolutely must go to the Everglades National Park. Just look at this photograph. 

Everglades sunset best photography spots Miami

24. Wynwood Walls. Alone or with a model Wynwood is a must. It is a really cool trendy area covered in graffiti full of like-minded artists. While you are there, stop at Panther coffee. Trust me its good. 

best photography spots Miami Wynwood walls

25. Downtown-Brickell skyscrapers. There are so many cool buildings all around Miami. If you are into architecture, you need to come here at night. Remember to look up. 

Downtown Skyscrapers best photography spots Miami

26. Deering Estate. This is a cool property owned by the state. You need to have permission to come here and it is $20.00 to get in. It is not always open. Make sure you check availability before you come. Best time is sunrise. 

Deering Estate Sunrise best photography spots Miami

27. Brickell City Centre. This is a new mall and its all the rage. Come here to get some food and enjoy the beautiful modern architecture. Best time to come is any time. 

Brickell City Centre best photography spots Miami

28. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This is a beautiful park you can come to and relax. This is great especially if you have a shoot to do. 

Fair Child Gardens When you think of Miami you think of sunshine, life, beautiful people and a beautiful skyline. As a very active photographer in the city when I am not on a paid shoot, I am always looking for the best photography spots Miami had

29. Little Havana. Little Havana is a small taste of Cuba. There are restaurants and people playing dominoes. This is the perfect place to give your street photography a shot. It’s the closest place to Cuba you can get without actually being there. 

Little Havana Miami Florida Best Places to shoot

That’s my list of the best photography spots Miami has. This is an overall list and I update it often. Please come back and check out the new locations. If you only want to shot Miami Beach I also have a location list. Check it out. Please leave me a comment if this was helpful in any way. That is the best way to say thank you. 

These are the best photogrpahy places to shoot in Miami Florida. 


  • Edin, great types for someone directly on the other side of the coast.

  • David Acosta says:

    Hey Edin,

    Where in the Miami River did you take this photo? Was this close to Brickell?

  • Steve says:

    Loved the article and your photos.
    I’m going to Miami in August. Any suggestions where to stay so I can do as much walking to spots as possible? I also enjoy looking for unique or unusual places. Suggestions on that also?

  • Edison says:

    Thank you so much for this list, def got the juices flowing in some good locations

  • Soraya Carrasco says:

    Vizcaya charges for taking pictures there? Are there any places that are free and not the beach? We’re getting married at the beach . . . looking for other ideas

    • edin chavez says:

      There are a lot of cool parks out there, however, most of them charge. Check out Wynwood, its a cool place for photos.

  • Gonzalo says:

    Vizcaya looked amazing, found out it’s $200 for any kind of portrait shoot, will have to reserve it for paid shoots :(

  • Ariel M. says:

    Good stuff here. Great spots for automotive footage.

  • james says:

    You can also visit live music venues like Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern, Neme Gastrobar and Gramps. Hence, whether you are on a lookout for punk rock or prefer to amuse yourself of Jazz, Miami is the place to be.