Windy morning in Miami

Here is one I shot this Saturday. It was so windy out I only got 2 shots in before packing up and leaving. It was so uncomfortable being out on the beach, we kept getting sand blasted and everyting kept getting tipped over, however the photos turned out ok. I always say crazy weather makes good pictures. Here is a full tutorial on how I shoot this kind of photos.

Settings: 10 stop ND filter 77 seconds F16 ISO 100

Everglades 2 of 299

The truth behind my Miami Beach Orange Photograph

It all started the day before, when I decided to go out on my motorcycle. (If you ride then you will understand this read). Next thing you know its really late at night and I had to get home, I had completely lost track of time, and could keep riding through the night. I got home and I fell asleep for about 3 hours before my alarm started going off, super loud, I had forgotten that I had a meeting on the beach to do a shoot at sunrise (I was the model this time, but thats a different story). Feeling like an asshole that I was almost late (maybe 30 minutes late) I threw on a pair of pants, a T-shirt and ran out the door.

When I got to the beach about 3 minutes later I realized it was really really cold, and really really windy. So I pulled out my camera and went to seek for cover. I found a beach hut that was blocking about 90% of the wind. By this time I saw that the sun was coming up and started to scramble to snap a flik. I pulled out a filter and my shutter release cable and thought about a composition in a matter of seconds. I took one photo from here, and thats what you see here.

To this day this is one of my favorite Miami Beach Sunrise photos of all times.

102 seconds F13 ISO 100 10 stop ND filter.

The sun rises over Miami Beach painting the sky orange

The sun rises over Miami Beach painting the sky orange

Miami Long Exposure Photography

Miami Long Exposure Photography,
Good day peeps, here are some long exposures I took last week during a crazy stormy day we had here in Miami. This is the miami skyline and on the other one is the American Airlines Arena. This were shot at 3 and 4 minutes with at 10 stop ND filter.

I was editing photos and wasn’t about to leave my house that day. I kept looking out the window and kept thinking to my self “if I don’t go shoot some long expos I will regret it” So I graved my gear and went out there. Got lucky enough to shoot about 10 frames and get this two cool shots before it started pouring. I shot some timelapse too with my other camera…

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Miami Long Exposure Photogarrph