Chevy Power Glide

Walking the streets of Key West at 1 AM I found this awesome Chevy Power Glide.  I am a total car guy and I absolutely love cars. This beautiful car a caught my eye when I was looking for an awesome place to shoot. What more awesome do you want?!?!?  I quickly stopped to admire the lines and the attention to detail.

I love old cars, but I really love “Rat Rods” I’m not sure what category this falls into but I really like this car.  I shot it for about 45 minutes and people stared coming up to it and taking pictures with it.  It’s funny to see how people act when there is someone with a camera taking photos. In their mind they think someone looks professional and its taking photos, I better get a photo my self ….



Dubal Street (20 of 102)

Dubal Street (15 of 102)  Dubal Street (23 of 102)

Dubal Street (27 of 102)

Dubal Street (29 of 102)

Dubal Street (32 of 102)

Dubal Street (37 of 102)  Dubal Street (45 of 102)CheDubal Street (39 of 102)

My favorite night photos of Key West

Here are some of my favorite night images from Duval Street in Key West Florida.  This street is amazing (if you can look past all the drunk people).  After you are done watching the sun setting, this is the perfect street to take some night photos, from drag queens to neon lights its perfect.

I have been here many times but this is my best trip for photos yet, I spent 3 days taking pictures and you know, being a tourist. It was epic. I will continue to post photos from this epic trip.

Tropic Cinema (35 of 71)

Dubal Street (93 of 102)

Dubal Street (53 of 102)

Mile Marker 88

I took this at Mile Marker 88 on my way to Key West. This places is super cool, they have a nice pier/dock where you can sit and relax for hrs. The beach is really nice too and the beer is always cold. Remember to find your beach, I found mine at Marker 88.


Instituto San Carlos Jose Marti

Here is an amazing hidden gem in Key West, Florida. Instituto San Carlos. I received full permission to photograph the entire thing, but this room was my favorite.

“The San Carlos is one of Florida’s most beautiful and historic landmarks. It was founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles of Key West as an educational, civic, and patriotic center.

It was at the San Carlos that José Martí united the exile community in 1892 to launch the final phase of his campaign for Cuba’s independence. Martí so loved the San Carlos that he called it “La Casa Cuba”.

You can read more about it on their site

Instituto San Carlos -1

Instituto San Carlos -2