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Rocking the streets of Cuba people are constantly coming up to you giving you things only so they can ask for money a second later. This guys was no different, he handed me a paper and I put my hand up to grab it, but slowly put my hand down only so I could take a picture. After taking 3 photos I took the paper and returned it to him. I got the shot.

Camera Settings:  1/320 F9 ISO 100

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Steal the moment

I shot this in Cuba at Plaza de la Revolución. I was hanging out when out of the corner of my eye this beautiful girl appeared. I quickly ran over there and took a couple shots, she had no idea I was there but to me the moment was perfect.

I learned a long time ago that when you see a photo, take it. If you do not, it will hunt you for the rest of time, believe me…

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Talking to the Locals

As I walked the streets I met loads of people, but this lady was particularly special. I asked her if I could take her picture and she said “of-course”. She then asked me where I was from and what I was doing, sending me off with lots of great wishes thanking me for taking her photograph.

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Street Photography

In my opinion street photography is one of the hardest forms of the art. It is scary out on the streets, not only that but you have to be like a ninja and have some big balls. I sometimes go out and shoot street, it tests all my senses and helps me understand a bit more about the world. I think this is the best way to sharpen your photography skills no matter what kind of photographer you are.




La Pequeña Havana Miami Florida

Her is a photo of a cool sign in Little Havana Miami. I was actually on my way to check out an event when I stumbled upon this awesome sign. It looks to be an architectural firm, but the sign is insane!!!! I had to stop and get a flick!! I mean wouldn’t you?!?!?

Camera settings: 1/125 F5 ISO 500 24-85 mm lens