Central Park

I edited this photo on December 21st 2012. It was when the world was supposed to end so I was trying to make it kind of creepy and mysterious, I wanted to give it some mood. This is Central Park in New York City, the sun was bright and there was a chill in the air. I remember sitting infront of my computer wondering if people really believer this stuff, I mean really the world ending? Come on!!! The world will end for everyone at sone point, its called death….

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New York City Central Park

Shot of the Day-Crystal Square

This is Brooklyn Bridge Park and it’s home to an historic and beautifully restored carousel. Built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, the carousel was purchased in 1984 and painstakingly restored to its original condition. The carousel is housed in a new pavilion and it runs year round.

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Crystal Square

Crystal Square

Shot of the Day-Pirate Republic Bar

I love texturing photos, its a creative way to give your photos a certain look and feel and its also lots of fun. I am putting together a collection of textures so you can download them directly from here, I will also put up a tutorial on how to use textures to dramatically change the look and feel of a photograph.

Pirate Republig Bar 1

Pirate Republic Bar