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Here is a centerfold that was published in the November issue of Viajes National Geographic, I have been working with them for the last few months to get this done.

I shot this from a Zeppelin flying over Miami Beach, Florida, what a cool experience. I feel very fortunate to have flown in one, do you know there are only three in existence? All the others are blimps. Yes, there is a difference.

There is a really good article about ‪Florida‬, if you get a chance to pick up the magazine you should it’s all about traveling to incredible locations.

National Geographic

La Pared Fuerteventura Spain

La Pared Fuerteventura Spain

La Pared in Fuerteventura Spain is incredible, I arrived here shortly before sunset and it was quite incredible, there were people sitting on the rocks around the beach surrounded by this views and beach fires waiting for the sun to set. Once the sun started setting the entire place went silent, it was incredible.

This place is also very popular among the surfers, in fact right after I shot this a surfer went in to surf into the night (I will post a photo soon)

Camera settings:

0.5 second exposure f18 ISO50 14-24mm Lens


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Fuerteventura Sunset

Fuerteventura Sunset

My goal was to go shoot the sunset from Cofete which is in the other side of the island, but when I got there the sunset was hiding behind the mountains and I could not see a thing. As soon as I realized that I could potentially miss the sunset I turned around and headed to the Jandia Salt Marsh and Lighthouse, as soon as I got to the top of the mountain the sun appeared and I had a really big smile on my face, I mean look at this incredible sunset!!!

As I headed towards the sunset I stopped from time to time to take a shot, this was my last stop before the sunset hid behind the sea. I really like the windmill surrounded by the ocean mist.

If you are ever in Fuerteventura, make sure you make the drive, its well worth it, its a long lonely drive on a dirt road but it has incredible views and its super relaxing. I think the sunset speaks for itself. Bring some snacks for the road and make sure you fill up your gas tank before hitting the dirt road.

Camera settings:
1/250 sec f14 ISO 100 70-200mm at 200mm


Shot of the day-Barcelona from the top

Have you ever been to Barcelona? If you havent I sugest you head down there. This place is amazing. The culture, the people, the food, the city. I really fell in love with Barcelona.

I shot this my last day there. I took a gondola ride that overlooks the city, it is amazing. If you are ever make it down there the gondola ride is a must. Behind me is the ocean and an amazing beach. To all my friends that live there I will be back before you know it so we can go get a Estrella…

Spread the love peeps and dont forget to add Barcelona to your bucket list.

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Barcelon from the top

Shot of the Day- La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, construction started in 1982 and has an anticipated completion date of 2026. A must see when visiting Barcelona.

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La Sagrada Familia