Miami Panorama

Miami Panorama. The ever-changing Miami skyline is one of my favorite places to photograph. I was on my way home and once the sun started setting I realized I had to pull over and photograph it somewhere. I remembered I had my drone in my car and decided to head to one of my favorite spots to fly.

As the sun started to hide behind the buildings I get the drone up in the air and fly around for about 10 minutes. Finally, I find the perfect composition and take a couple shots. Shortly after I decided to do a panorama and I took 8 shots from left to right.

Once I got home I stitched them in Lightroom and boom. The shot came out just perfect.

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Miami Panorama

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Forever Changing Skyline

Here is the skyline that never stops growing. I moved here 7 years ago and the buildings are like trees. They keep growing and growing. I can’t help but wonder where all these people are coming from…. I heart Miami.

Miami Skyline Right Before Sunset

Miami Skyline Right Before Sunset

I really love the Miami skyline. I think is one of the most beautiful in the states, possibly even the world.

I love the action always happening on the bay, its like a casino during peek hours. There are boats in and out along with crew ships and there is something always going on.

I shot this right before sunset with a massive grin on my face…



Last nights Sunset was EPIC

Last nights Sunset was EPIC

I took the drone out for a spin last night and after it rained on my the sky cleared up and the sun lit it up. It was amazing to say the least. Its always a good idea to wait out the weather and see what it does, most of the time you are in for a surprise….


Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Here is an insane sunset. I shot this form Miami Beach, from 5th street to be exact. I was hoping for a good sunset but instead I got a crazy one. The colors were insane, the sky was on fire and it just kept getting better and better. We had about 45 minutes of greatness, it was perfect.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get 2 minutes of color, and sometimes you get non stop action into the night.