Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Here is an insane sunset. I shot this form Miami Beach, from 5th street to be exact. I was hoping for a good sunset but instead I got a crazy one. The colors were insane, the sky was on fire and it just kept getting better and better. We had about 45 minutes of greatness, it was perfect.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get 2 minutes of color, and sometimes you get non stop action into the night.




Miami Sunset from the Sky

Here is an incredible sunset over the Miami skyline. I was out flying my drone this particular day, and all of a sudden all of the elements came together. The sun was perfectly sitting over the road giving me enough time to set up my shot and snap the flick before fading into the night.


Miami Skyline

Miami Skyline.

Here is a cool photo of Miami, I shot this the other day on a photowalk I hosted, it was really rainy and crappy but it stopped all the sudden and turned out nice. The sky was really foggy but other than that it was nice just being out taking pix. I added the title this morning over a cup of coffee when I woke up, I think it looks cool :) Click to view full screen.


Shot of the Day-San Fran From the top

I was driving around SF and I accidently ended up at the top of this hill, It was really cool because you could actually see both sides of the bay when you got to the top. It was really cool watching the sunset in the other side….

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San Fran From the top 1

San Fran From the top