Ocean Drive Timelapse

Good morning people and happy Friday, whats on the agenda for the weekend? Mine is a bit busy but I like it that way. Heads up for my new site and blog make over, I am currently working on a new design and updating all my material. In the mean time here is a short vid I shot with my cell about timelapses. This is shot on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach Florida. Let me know what you think. Enjoy…

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Ocean Dr Timelapse

Shot of the Day-Man in Blue

This is Barcelona Spain late at night in La Rambla, the guy you see there in blue is actually the gate keeper, he was waiting to close the gates there at the end. This place is really cool, you can get easily lost in the city laid out like a maze. I was actually on my way home when I shot this, what caused me to stop was the man in blue, after shooting this I waited to see what he was doing, about 15 minutes later he walked up to the gates and locked them up and took off.

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The Man In Blue 1

The Man In Blue

Daily Photo-AmericasTrade Center



This is the Miami troop. I have been scoping this place out for a while but I needed some people to complete the shot. Last night we went out to get some South Beach night shots, what better people to have in this photo than 4 great photographers. (from left to right) MagicCity305, antjphotog, n3mX, Rellrichman, and yours truly behind the lens.