Gulfstream Park

What you see here are some Aerial shots of The Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino. This is a cool spot to come watch horse racing. Its a popular hang out for my pops, and I often come with him to spend some son and dad time and kick back some cold ones :)

I grew up in Nevada so the Casino is not very impressive to me, but the track is really nice and the action is always good.

The pegasus you see, is a new 110 foot tall bronze sculpture that is almost finished. They have been working on it for a while, the estimated cost of the sculpture was 30 million.

What: Pegasus slaying a dragon

Idea conceived: April 2011

Dimensions: 110 feet tall, 115 feet wide, 200 feet long

Materials: Pegasus, 330 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze; dragon, 110 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze

Journey to Hallandale Beach: Hundreds of bronze pieces were packed in 26 shipping containers and sent by boat which took about six weeks. The steel was packed in 23 containers and also sent by boat.

Nuts and bolts: 18,000 screws

Workers: More than 200, including four translators

Cost: About $30 million

Construction: Took about eight months and is nearly complete. The landscaping and water feature should be completed by summer 2015. (Via: Miami Herald)