Panama City Lights

Panama city lights. One of the greatest rewards about traveling is being able to explore the places you visit. I actually shot this from a rooftop bar at El Casco Viejo in Panama City while enjoying a nice cold beer. I set my camera on the table and waited for traffic to pass by so I could get the light streaks you see at the bottom of the photo.  You can actually book a place to stay here. This is the spot.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets.

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Miami Nights Vlog

I went out to get some night shots with a couple friends and of course baby Chula. The sky looked so good and the vibes were awesome. Thank you for good times guys.

Here is what went down…

Camera settings: 1/5 seconds F18 ISO 100
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The River Cafe

Making my way to dinner I ran into this awesome scene. It reminds me like something out of a movie. I was so hungry and tired, but I had to set up my tripod and take this shot. Needless to mention it was freezing cold out and my hands were extremely cold. I like how the photo turned out. I’m glad I stopped and took the picture.

Camera settings: 20 seconds F14 ISO 100

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Windy morning in Miami

Here is one I shot this Saturday. It was so windy out I only got 2 shots in before packing up and leaving. It was so uncomfortable being out on the beach, we kept getting sand blasted and everyting kept getting tipped over, however the photos turned out ok. I always say crazy weather makes good pictures. Here is a full tutorial on how I shoot this kind of photos.

Settings: 10 stop ND filter 77 seconds F16 ISO 100

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