Miami Heat Parade 2013

Miami Heat Parade 2013

Happy Friday the 13th. Earlier this year I shot the Miami Heat Parade. I shot it last year and I got some cool shots, but this year I wanted to get something different, I wanted to step outside the box and get some really unique shots, not what you see floating around the internet, but really something that would stand out.

I walked up and down the streets looking for a place to shoot, but I couldn’t find anywhere that was remotely safe or easy to get onto. Everything was packed and everyone was fighting for a spot. Imagine thousands of exited sports fans trying to get a free seat as close to the players as possible… exactly….

As I was walking towards the American Airlines Arena, I was crossing the railroad and I saw that everyone was up on top of this light stand, so I decided to give it a go. Not only was this light stand packed with people and the cops where yealling at people to get down, but the people already on there would not let anyone else up there. I fought my way and got my self a spot. After all this then I could start shooting.

I wanted to shoot the crowd more so than the players, I mean to me the crowd was far more interesting than some guy holding a trophy. So I started yelling and waiving at people waking by and taking their photos….. This is what I came up with…

Miami Heat Parade 2013 24

Miami Heat Parade 2013 23

Miami Heat Parade 2013 1

Miami Heat Parade 2013 2

Miami Heat Parade 2013 5

Miami Heat Parade 2013 7

Miami Heat Parade 2013 11

Miami Heat Parade 2013 12

Miami Heat Parade 2013 13

Miami Heat Parade 2013 18

Miami Heat Parade 2013 3

Miami Heat Parade 2013 15

Miami Heat Parade 2013 16

Miami Heat Parade 2013 21

Miami Heat Parade 2013 22

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Did you have a good weekend? Here is a photo I took at the Miami Heat Victory Parade. It all happened so fast, I was walking on the side of the road to my car and this guy jumped in the middle of the street to take a photo of the buildings, I had one split second to react and jump behind him and take this shot. As soon as he took the photo he walked back to his wife and before you know it the moment was over. I shot this after he took the photo of the buildings as I did not want his hands to be holding a camera in my photo. Happy Monday peeps… Spread the love…

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James 6