Paris Hilton Dj’s Art Basel

I had the pleasure of shooting Paris Hilton During Art Basel week. She made an appearance at a private party, and let me tell you she still has a massive following. After about an hour of her taking selfies with fans and on the red carpet she made it up on stage. I thought she was going up to wave a the crowd, but instead, she started to tear up the turntables. I had never seen Paris play before, and I was pleasantly surprised. She can get down and pump up the crowd.

As soon as she started playing the floor filled up with people dancing and trying to sneak a photo of Paris with their cell phones, it was impossible to get through that crowd, so I waited until her set was almost over to get in the crazy crowd and get a shot.

Here is one of my favorite photos I shot of her. She was dancing, pumping up the crowd and just having a good time.  It’s good to see Paris in Miami, especially during Art Basel.

Paris hilton djing

Diplo Jingle Ball Miami 2016

Here is the last show of the Jingle Ball Tour 2016 I heart Radio puts up every year. I was working with them shooting some time lapse of the show but of course I was also enjoying the show. One of the many perks of having all access to this kind of shows is that not only do you get to shoot them all but you also get meet all the artists and hang with them before they hit the stage.


Why should I start a blog

Why should I start a blog? One of my friends asked me the other day if they should start a blog, I said absolutely, whats the benefit of having a blog he asked. Let me tell you.

A blog is very important to me, its a way that I can express my self to the world, its a way to be heard, its a way for me to bond with the people around me. A blog is also a timeline of my work, I can see my progress every single time I post, and I can always go back and see how far I have come and how I evolve as an artist.

Every photographer needs a blog. Here is a few reasons.

1. Its free. You dont need any cash to start a blog, you can get up and running with zero dollars. Try WordPress or Blogger.

2. It serves as your website if you don’t have one or cant afford one. You can make a blog an amazing portfolio where you can show off your work. (its not about your website its about the content)

3. Google loves blogs, you will get more traffic with a blog than with any other website out there. This means more eyes see your work.

4. You have complete control of it, you can add and change things constantly with just a few clicks. (even from your smart phone or tablet)

20121106 20121106 DSC 0482

5. Most blogs now are formated for mobil devises so anyone can find you on the go, this is very important being that lots of people use tablets to browse the web now a days.

6. A blog gets you stablished as an expert and gives you and your work more credibility. Future customers will constantly look at your work and ideas and in turn that will lead to more work.

7. People can subscribe to your blog and will. They will get an email with an update every time you update your blog. This is awesome because it gives you a simple way to build a loyal fan base.

8. Meet more like minded people, photographers love looking at other photographers blogs. I have met lots of my friends through here, its crazy, almost anywhere I go I have people to go shoot with, its awesome.

9. Stay connected with friends and family, this is a way of letting your loved ones know what your up to and what you are currently working on.

This are just a few reasons to blog away. So what are you waiting for? Get blogging…

Have an awesome day peeps and spred the love…

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20121106 20121106 DSC 0452 Edit

Meet Zoel

Happy Mothers Day. I hope everybody is having a great weekeend. I certainly am. So yesterday I went to the Art Walk at Wynwood in Miami and I got some really cool photos, this one being one of them. This is Zoel a bad ass musician. Check out her website and her facebook.

I love doing art walks, you get to see some amazing art, meet some really cool peeps, and ofcorse the photographs are endless. Next time there is an art walk in your town go support the local art scene…. Spread the love peeps and of course happy Sunday Funday…

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