Riding Around

Top of the morning to all my people. What a crazy weekend, I wanted to relax and take it ez but the camera never left my hands, I love it.

Here is a photo I shot a few nights ago walking around the streets of Miami. The way to capture this sort of photo is to slow down your shutter speed and pan while focussed on the subject. I spotted this bicycle about 30 feet away so I had to be fast and so I snapped 3 photos while panning, this is the one that made it here.

Have a great rest of the day peeps… Go make some art and share it with the world… The world without self expression is plain and borring… Spread the love…

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Riding Around

Daily Photo-Station

DSC 1091


I went downtown Miami to shoot some skyscrapers at night, while I was waiting for the train, I took this shot, it turned out better than anything else I shot that night, sometimes quick spontaneous takes are the best.