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The sky was on fire like a bomb went off in the distance. It was insane. Luckily I had my drone and I was able to get some really cool footage. I love days like this intense.  The cloud formations were just perfect. I shot all these photos with my Mavic Pro and edited them with my new DJI Lightroom Presets. For having such a small sensor, the camera on the Mavic Pro works great.

Miami sunsets are always epic. 

Here is a video giving you my top 10 drone photography tips. This is how I take all my drone images.

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Miam drone photos

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Stormy sky

It is rain season in Miami. That means the sky is dark, mysterious and perfect for photos. This photo takes me to the middle of the ocean, I feel like I am in a sail boat by my self, like a pirate trying to find land. I love the clouds and the colors of the image specially how the sunlight hits the boats.

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Sugar Bowl California

I spent lots of time snowboarding this mountains when I lived in Reno Nevada. It’s always great coming back and spending some quiet quality time up here. I love the peaceful silence the snow brings, followed by a smile going down the mountain.

This is one of those hidden jewels where you will find mostly locals. It’s never overcrowded and always loads of fun. Edited with one of my landscape presets.





Edited with one of my landscape presets.

Miami Beach Sunrise at the Coolest Lifeguard Tower

Miami Beach Sunrise

4 am I open my eyes, I look at the clock and realize I am not going back to bed. I turn on the tv and its forensic files, I look at the clock and its 5:30 am. At this point I’m thinking about the ocean and an amazing sunrise but I’m glued to my bed, next thing you know I get this image in my head. I look at the clock ant its 6:15am. I jump out of bed throw on some shorts grab my camera and go to the beach. The sky was perfect.

The first image is what I had in my head while laying in my bed, but when I got there and I started walking around I realized there was lots more potential and more awesome angles to be had.


The clouds were moving and the colors were saturated and alive. Next thing you know people started coming from all directions.


Everyone just wanted a peek of the sunrise…






Once I took all my photos and took all this in I picked up my bike form the sand and started walking away, then I turned my head and had to pull out my camera for one last shot…


If this isn’t the start of a perfect day I don’t know what is. Which one is your favorite photo? I made a video on editing this photos, it will be up shortly….

You can download a free preset from this morning BY CLICKING HERE

Ballons make me smile

Happy Friday peeps. Whats the plan this weekend, I have none yet, but I know my camera will be with me. I don’t know what it is about ballons, but they make me happy, here is another photo of some really cool ballons, I have shot lots of them but I have never been on one. This year for sure, somehow I will get to the top of the world on one of this things. If you have a ballon and wanna take me on a ride, you know how to find me :) Spread the love peeps…

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