The Iconic Hollywood Sign

The Iconic Hollywood Sign. This is such an iconic place. I mean it’s Hollywood! do I need to say more? This was such a fun image to create and it is one of my favorite images of all time. So much so that I am actually going to be dropping it as my first NFT. In fact, if you are reading this in the future, the NFT probably belongs to someone else by now.

About the photo: The hike up the back of the Hollywood sign is quite nice. A bit tiring but well worth it, you are climbing the Hollywood hills where tons of Hollywood icons have been. Just think of all the eyes that have been laid upon this sign. This is a very special place and being able to photograph it was amazing.  I have actually been here a few times and this is my favorite image.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets, download them, and give them a try.

The Iconic Hollywood Sign

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Pictures of Huntington Beach Pier

I’ve shot the Huntington beach pier many times, but never like this. I shot this pictures with my Dji Mavic on my last trip to Cali. The weather was crazy, they were having a cold front and it was constantly raining. I stopped here for a bit to fly and just enjoy the scenery before getting stuck in traffic for 6 hrs on my way back to San Diego.

I really like how the photos came out and I edited them all with my newly updated Dji Lightroom Presets. I have attached a map incase you are looking for this spot next time you are down in Cali.

Safe travels :)

Huntington Beach 3 of 49

Huntington Beach 8 of 49

Huntington Beach 10 of 49

Huntington Beach 18 of 49

Huntington Beach 24 of 49

Huntington Beach 30 of 49

Huntington Beach 36 of 49

Huntington Beach 40 of 49

Santa Monica Sunsets

Here is a beautiful sunset in Santa Monica California. The weather was insane, I have been there many times and have never seen such a thing. Check out the vid to see what I am talking about.

Settings: 1/80 F18 ISO 100

Cali 345 of 357

Here is the BTS

Surfs up

This is one of my favorite photos from my trip to California. I put up my drone and noticed this dude was going into the ocean, I waited started observing him as he kept getting deeper in to the madness. When the water was just right I clicked the shutter. It was perfect. I wonder who he is and how I can get this photo over to him…

La Jolla 58 of 106

Children’s Pool La Jolla San Diego

This is Children’s pool at La Jolla Cove in California. This is one of my favorite aerial shots of my entire trip. It was so cool seeing all this awesomeness from the sky. Last time I was here I was droneless. The Mavic performs well even in windy situations.

La Jolla 13 of 106

You can see the behind the scenes here: