A lot of people always ask me where I purchase my camera gear. I have 3 places I purchase all my gear from. Most of my cameras and lenses come from B&H and Adorama the reason being is that they do not sell gray market gear. The rest of my stuff including some lenses I get from Amazon. What is the gray market? The Gray market is when a dealer imports and sells unauthorized gear that was intended for another country’s camera market. The cheaper gear is legitimate, not counterfeit, but it’s unauthorized and it is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

As a Nikon Pro, I have to make sure all my gear is from a reliable source. I trust all these places to deliver the right gear on time, and most importantly for a competitive price. If you are new to the photography game and need a place to get your gear from, you can not go wrong with these three stores. If you ever run into any issues, their customer service is on point.

If you want to rent camera gear before you purchase it, you can do so. I use Borrow Lenses, they are excellent when it comes to having everything in stock and the delivery is on time every time. They also have a massive selection where you can purchase used camera gear.

Drop me a line if you have any questions. You can check out all of My Gear by clicking this link.

b&h photo