Best Miami Tours. I often get asked; Edin besides your Miami photography tour, what are the best tours to go on when visiting Miami? This often comes up when I’m chatting with people from other parts of the world that come to visit, especially with friends and family. Before you ask, yes, I have done all of these tours, some multiple times and I can tell you they are all really good. P.S. I just launched my new site, which focuses on sky overlays and original merch. Drop-in and check it out. If you like something pick it up for a discounted rate. All my readers get 15% off. Use discount code edin at check out!

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Sunset view of the Miami Skyline from South Pointe Park

There are so many things to do here in Miami, that tours should be on your list, but if you are adventurous, go out there and explore on your own. I would start with the beaches and work my way to Wynwood. The great thing about these tours is that they do not take all day. They only take a few hours and the rest of your day is free.

Best Miami Tours