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Private Miami Sunset and Night Photography Tour

Discover how the most epic photography locations in Miami.

I believe that sharing photography locations is the key to our success!

Miami Comercial Photographer

Edin Chavez, author of this site. 

This private Miami Photography tour is 3 hours long, and the price includes 1 or 2 people. The price includes pick up and drop off from your hotel in Miami Beach. We will go to the most incredible locations to get the most epic photos of Miami. This tour includes 5 locations. We start at sunset and carry on to blue hour and night photography.  

If you want to do sunrise and shoot the morning golden hour over the Art Deco buildings and over the Miami skyline we can do that also.

Come to explore Miami at its most incredible, most picturesque times of the day.You will get a chance to photograph Miami like you have never seen it before. 

In this epic Miami Photography Tour, we start the tour by picking you up at the place you are staying. After we pick you up, we head to shoot the sunset over the Miami skyline. This is an extraordinary place as you have epic views of the entire bay and the sunsets here are just amazing. After the sunset, we head to the different epic locations to shoot the Miami skyline once the lights come on during the blue hour and at night. These locations are perfect to get some epic photos of the beautiful Miami lights.

This 3-hour tour is designed to master your photography skills during the sunset and once the city lights come on. This workshop will also awaken your creative process. This entire workshop is hands-on, and we will be with you every step of the way covering composition, camera settings, chasing the light, and much more.

This is perfect if you are trying to build your portfolio, want to learn camera settings, composition or simply get some incredible photos of the most iconic places in Miami.

To book, please make a payment. Afterward, you can email me your dates and I will get you on the schedule right away. I look forward to hanging out :)

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There is no better way to find Miami’s best photo locations, night or day than to let Edin Chavez show you the way. His friendly, professional and encouraging manner makes you a better photographer. You come away from the photoshoot with more confidence in your skills, and a glowing appreciation for the magic and beauty of Miami. I can’t recommend his photography tours highly enough.


/ Netherlands


The best experience of Miami during our incredible long weekend. Edin is not just an excellent photographer, but a person you would want as a best friend. He is so sincere, and has a genuine love for photography, for people, and the city of Miami. He even shared with us his treasured locales from which amazing photos can be captured. We look forward to him guiding us in the future as our photography progresses.




Excellent workshop to polish your night photography skills with Edin's tips and pointers. He is with you 100% of the time and will simply answer all of your questions. It was fun to discover great spots to capture the city lights. On top of being a great photographer, he is an awesome guy to hang out with. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to grow their portfolio or improve their photography skills. This tour is a must!


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