Miami Boats After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma left a bit of destruction behind. From a lot of trees all over the place to boats, I mean lots of boats. The Miami waters look like a Hollywood set from a Sci-fi movie.

I have visited a lot of marinas in the past couple days, and all of them have boats all over the place. Talking to the workers there were a lot more boats before as the owners and insurance companies have been showing up to salvage what is left of their vessels.

I shot these at a marina close to my house. There are so many boats here and these are some of the leftover damage. I shot all these with my Mavic Pro and I edited them with my DJI Lightroom Presets, the Coastal Preset to be exact.

Looking at these photos makes me a bit sad, what once was someone’s dream to have an incredible boat, is now just litter in the ocean… A reminder of the power mother nature carries.

Yacht Party

What do you know about a Yacht Party? I knew nothing about it until this past 4th of July. Let me tell you it was epic. I have been on this insane things before, however I am always working. This time I was a guest, and let me tell you what a day I had.

This was so much fun, just being out with a few amazing people hanging out in the open water. We jumped off the boat, we danced, we sang, it was just perfect. I had such a blast and I am very grateful I was able to experience this awesomeness.

Massive thank you to Gabby and Fred for the incredible day on the boat.

Check out the vid: