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How was your thanksgiving? Mine was very relaxed, hang out with my parents and my dogs and just chilled out, and no I didn’t eat any turkey, instead my amazing mother made some amazing Mexican food :)

Are you guys ready for the holidays? Im not, I’m usually traveling but this year Im going to stay put, (well maybe). Keep reading…

20111112 20111112 Top Of The Empire

Today is black Friday so I thought I would give you guys an awesome discount on all my Prints. If there is something you want and you cant find it here, send me an email and I will gladly send you a link for it. Just type in edinrocks on check out and it will take 20% off any purchase.

City Lights Under the Moon

So there you have it, THE edin chavez coupon code.Thank you guys for all your support and for being an amazing part of my life. Don’t forget to Subscribe to get the latest updates on gear and of corse my blog posts. Thank you again for dropping by. Please spread the love and share this with your friends… Edin Loves You.

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