Yacht Party

What do you know about a Yacht Party? I knew nothing about it until this past 4th of July. Let me tell you it was epic. I have been on this insane things before, however I am always working. This time I was a guest, and let me tell you what a day I had.

This was so much fun, just being out with a few amazing people hanging out in the open water. We jumped off the boat, we danced, we sang, it was just perfect. I had such a blast and I am very grateful I was able to experience this awesomeness.

Massive thank you to Gabby and Fred for the incredible day on the boat.

Check out the vid:

Pure reflections

I love it when the elements come together and all I have to do is press the shutter. Of course part of it is being there at the right time, but when this happens it just perfect.

I shot this yesterday before sunset, and all though sunset was amazing, this is actually my favorite photo of the day. It was just perfect.

Check out the vid to see bts. Unfortunately I received a ticket as I was loading my car to leave. The reason “parking at a park after hours” Super lame!

Natural Patterns

I love patterns and this image is no different. Patterns come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. There are men made patterns, and natural patterns. Natural patterns being my favorite. Think about it, this same exact pattern will never form again for the rest of time. Something to think about.

Everglades Reflections

This weekend was EPIC, I hosted 2 Everglades Photography Workshops and they were both amazing. Its always so good to meet new people and take them to this very special place, it is what fuels my addiction for photography.

This was my last shot of the night, literally. The sky was amazing, the colors where epic and the reflections on the water were perfect. I hardly had to do anything to this image. As you can see it just pops.

Camera Settings: 15 seconds F16 ISO 100

Insane Sunset over the Bay

Here is a crazy sunset setting over the Miami skyline. The weather here is so insane, sometimes there aren’t any clouds, but sometimes the sky just lights up and gets super crazy. No matter where I go in Miami its always pretty to look at and photograph. This truly is a small piece of paradise.