Fish Market Athens Greece

The fish market in Athens Greece is amazing. I was on my way to Acropolis when I stumbled upon this awesome fish market. I could smell the freshness as soon as I walked in. You would think that it would stink in there, but it’s quite the opposite it smelled really good, like fish but fresh fish.

The people were extremely friendly and they always wanted to pose for photos, as soon as they saw the camera they would pick up a fish and strike up a pose with a big fat smile. It’s always great meeting happy people, it always rubs off.

If you find your self in Athens Greece, make a stop at the market and buy your self a piece of fresh fish, make some amazing dinner and check out the incredible sunset.

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Miami Beach Fishing

Its not every morning I wake up and find fisher man out on the beach. Its usually surfers, and beautiful girls doing yoga, but today there was a couple fisher man. The ocean was so calm and quiet, and the fish were biting. Once 6:45 hit, the colors just started getting crazy. Not a bad way to start the week. We will see what tomorrows sunrise has in store for us…

Camera settings:
125 sec F7.1 ISO 100