Miami Midnight Walk. You know when you are so bored but so unmotivated to do anything? When you are staring at your computer screen but your not really there? Well that was me yesterday. I’m a bit under the weather (maybe that had something to do with it) but for some reason I was just as bored and as unmotivated as one gets. While staring at my computer I finally talked my self into picking up my camera and going outside. I literally graved my tripod and my camera, nothing else and headed outside. It turned out to be a really fun couple of hrs. This is one of the photos I took along with a crazy time lapse I am putting together… Going shooting is one of those things you never regret doing, I mean when do you really say (that was horrible I should of stayed home) never, I’m glad I got off the couch to make some art… Spread the love peeps… (click on the photo to enlarge in high res). This is somewhere in Miami btw…

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