Daily Photo-Buildings on the River

I love shooting at night the only thing is that the best shots are usually from the HWY, I don’t know if I’m crazy but I love driving around the Freeways and pulling over to shoot. You can get some amazing material. I do not endorse this, but I love it :)

Buildings on the River

By Edin Chavez

  • Lourdes says:

    estas fotos con tanta Luz y color, levantan mi animo,me permiten admirar la belleza que hay a nuestro alrededor, y que la mayoria de las veces no nos detenemos a observar, porque siempre andamos de prisa!!! hermosa foto !!!

  • Jaci says:

    if u wont endorse it, I will! this came out awesome by the way im lovn it

  • Gold Nubia M says:

    Ur love shows in ur pics. Good luck i love shows buildings on river,