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Photography Website and Portfolio Review

portfolio and website review for photographers

Do not wonder if your website is setup correctly to attract clients

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Edin Chavez, author of this site. 

Hi there, my name is Edin Chavez, and I have been a professional photographer for the better part of 10 years. I have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Nikon, National Geographic, Green Mountain Coffee, iHeartRadio, Volvo, and many more. I have also photographed many of your favorite celebrities, such as Steve Madden, Marshmallow, Bebe Rexha, Kelsey Wells, and many more. I am also an ambassador for Skylum Software.

When I started my career in photography, I had nobody to guide me. Back then, there was not much information on the internet, even if you wanted to buy it. It was kind of weird, the guys that had made it back then were very secretive. That slowly started changing, and more people were willing to share information making the learning curb a bit less complicated.

Fast forward a couple of years when I started searching for someone to help me. I spent much time searching for someone to review my photos and help me with my website. Finally, I found a company that specialized in this. However, they are not cheap, and they charged me $5000 to review my images and do a website review telling me what I needed to change to have a website to attract the right clients.

Working together with this company and with editors from around the world I learned the ins and outs of a properly done photographers website. 

What you will get:

In this portfolio & website review I will do a screen record going over the photos on your website and also going over every page on your current website. I will tell you what potential clients are looking for and what you need to adjust, add, and get rid of to have a successful photography site. I will save that video and send it over to you for you to keep as a reference while you finetune your website. 

Quit guessing if you are doing things right, I will get you started in the right direction so you can start getting the clients you are looking for and deserve. ​

Book your photography website and portfolio review today! 

photography website and portfolio review


I had no idea that with just a few simple tweaks, my website would look and feel so much better. Edin went through every page, letting me know what looked good and what was not needed. He also encouraged me to focus on a particular niche. I am pleased with his guidance, and I highly recommend to anyone from novice to pro. It never hurts to get a second opinion, especially from someone like Edin. Thank you, Edin. 

Newman P

/ Australia


I have attended a few photography conferences where I have paid over $500 for this particular service. However, my website never looked right. When I found out Edin was doing online website reviews, I jumped on it right away. I am so happy with the changes Edin told me to make. I can now start advertising to my audience and get conversions. Thank you for all your priceless knowledge, Edin. 

Derrin B.



Excellent portfolio & website review Edin goes over everything in detail and gives you a direction to go. I started my site and was overwhelmed and completely blind. Edin made it simple to understand and goes right to the point. Edin's guidance and advice are just what I needed to get my business up and to run. Now I am confident about my website and my work. Running adds to a website that converts is a win-win for any photographer out there. For the price, you can not beat this service. Thank you, Edin, for sharing all your knowledge with me. 

Amber S.

/ Las Vegas

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