I have been missing in action because over the weekend I was at the Shoot the Centerfold Workshop. If you have never been to a photography workshop I recommend you do, if you are serious about expanding your carrear in photography this is the one for you. No matter what kind of photography you are into, this guys are the best at what they do, not only do they show you hands on and work with you one on one, they also tell you every one of their secrets and let you pick their brains. Arny Freytag, Jarmo Pohjaniemi and Ric Moore are legends in the industry and you get to work with them and their equipment. I also met some amazing people in the industry and some amazing up and coming photographers. What did I learn in this workshop? I learned that photography is a very complex art and everyday out there is a learning opportunity. I am very fortunate for having attended this workshop and have worked with the best of the best. Here is one of my photos from the workshop.

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