SLR Camera Strap Review


SLR Camera Strap Review

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I have been wanting to make the switch to this kind of strap for a while but until recently I didn’t know what I was missing out on. After doing lots of research I found SLR Custom Camera Straps to be the best in the market. Use coupon code edinchavez to get a discount.

Let me start with the mounting hardware:

C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution

Upon the receipt I was impressed with the quality and the design, from the packaging to the unit itself. The SLR C-Loop is made out of very high quality and light weight aluminum. The C-loop is an easy replacement for the standard strap camera mount. It mounts below the camera where the tripod mount is usually screwed in. It effortlessly screws in and out of the camera, due to the ingenious C handle design. The camera tucks in front of you keeping your lens from bumping into things. It also tucks around the side making it available for action as soon as you need it do to where the C-Loop is mounted. Check it out:



SLR C Strap

The Split Strap material is extremely durable and comfortable when worn since it allows the dead weight to distribute evenly. The strap for the neck is made out of elastic breathable material designed for comfort, grip, and strength. It grips to your shoulder distributing the weight of the camera evenly. It also comes with four different adjustable attachments with swiveling buckles, to conform to any camera. The SLR Split Strap makes a direct replacement for any generic camera strap with or without the C loop. Check it out:





Overall, all of Custom SLRs products are great. If you purchase or have one of these, please share your thoughts below. Don’t forget to use coupon code edinchavez to get a discount.