Photography Resources

These are my favorite tools I use for all my photography work and to run my photography business. I use these on a daily basis, from buying gear to learning online, to travel and running my websites. Feel fee to contact me if you have any questions.  

This is where i buy all my gear

BH photo

My fist choice is always B&H Photo. It's tax free for US residents and Free shipping on most orders. 

Amazon Camera Deals
My second choice is Amazon. You can find just about everything here specially when you are on a budget. 
Adorama Camera Store
I do not use Adorama much, however I have used them in the past and they have great customer service.  

This is where I rent my gear from

Camera Rental Stores
Lens rental store borrowlenses
When it comes to renting gear I only trust these two stores. They both have great customer service and will get you what you need by when you need it. I like to try out gear before I buy it. This is where I come. If one doesn't have it the other one will.   

Great resources for learning from the PROS
I call it photographers College

Best Photography Courses Online
Skillshare is one of my favorite platforms. You can find tutorials for just about anything for under $10 per month. 
Best Photography Tutorials Creative live
Creative Live is really awesome. They have free live classes every single day. There is an option to purchase if you want, but everything live is free. 


ANNIE LEIBOVITZ Photography Course Masterclass

 Annie Leibovitz  Master Class. 

jimmy chin free class

Jimmy Chin  Master Class. 

Steve McCurry Photography class

Steve McCurry  Master Class. 

Editing software I use

Free Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Cloud is what I use to edit all of my photos. You get 20 GB for free when you sign up. 
Luminar Discount Code
Luminar is a great tool. I use it as a plug in with my Lightroom. The editing possibilities are endless. Use code FINEART to get a juicy discount.
Aurora HDR Photo Editor Discount Code
If  you are into HDR, this is a great way to go. Use code FINEART to get a juicy discount. 

Lightroom Presets

DJI Lightroom Presets Aerial Photography
These are my DJI Lightroom Presets and they sell very well. They are calibrated for Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and all the Phantom models. 
Real Estate Lightroom Presets
Real Estate Lightroom Presets. This package comes with a video tutorial that teaches you how to tweak them to fit your style. 
Best Lightroom Presets Coupon Code
This is a collection of my most creative Lightroom Presets. Start beautifying your photos.  Give them a try. 

start your photography website

Smugmug Pro For Free
Wordpress Download
Photography Resourses Sauarespace

I am very particular with my hosting. However I use all of these sites and hosts. Smumug is great because they are a one stop shop. It is self hosted and you can sell your photos there. They will print and ship and you do not have to do anything once you set it up and upload your images.  I use Smugmug for my print shop. WordPress is great, it is the site you are on right now. It is easy to set up and hosting is very inexpensive. WordPress is perfect if you want to start a blog. Squarespace is great, they have clean templates to create a stunning photography website. I use it to run Walks of Miami.  If you are starting out I suggest you go with Smugmug. It is the easiest most headache free to set up.  

Email Marketing tools

Aweber Email Discount Code
Aweber is a great tool. I have 2 large email lists with Aweber and I love it. Great to build a nice email list. 
Mail Chimp Discount Code
Mail Chimp is very popular and easy to use. Most websites are compatible with it. 
Real Estate Email Template
This is my Real Estate Email Template. I generate lots of jobs using this template. This is how I reach out to realtors to offer my services. 


Canvas Champ Discouts
Shutterfly Discounts
High Quality Photos on Canvas

For any photographer, prints are extremely important. These are great places to get great looking prints for your your self or for your clients. They have great prices and great customer service. I stick like to stick to Canvas Champ. They have great pricing and great customer service. 

Travel Sites I Use

Expedia Travel Deals
This is the site I use the most to book flights and hotels. Expedia is always on point for booking and getting great deals. 
CheapOair Travel Coupon Code

CheapOair comes in second for me. If Expedia doest not have what I am looking for, CheapOair does. free room won't let you down. They have great prices on booking all over the world. 

NOTE: Some links on this page are affiliate links. That means I earn money if you buy through my link. This in no way affects my suggestions. I only recommend products I know, love, trust and use.