Hilton Playa del Carmen. This is the last photo I shot before leaving playa del carmen. As you know I moved to Playa del Carmen Mexico at the beginning of the year. In January to be exact. I was there for 7 months exactly. Why did I move there? Well, that’s a discussion I will go deep into in a different blog post, but for now, enjoy this cool shot.

I actually flew my drone from my rooftop, and if you look close enough you can see the rooftop I’m flying from. I really like how the colors came out. I shot this at dusk right after the sunset. This is the Hilton in Playa del Carmen Mexico, I actually lived next door. I always got a kick out of talking to tourists telling them how I came to visit and never left.

I edited this shot with my aerial presets.

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Hilton playa del carmen mexico