Where is the Z tree in the Everglades

This is the most asked question I get. Where is the Z tree in the Everglades National Park. I am going to tell you right now. This is one of my favorite stops and its a place we visit on my Capture the Everglades Photography Workshop and Tour. This tree is exactly 2 miles on the left hand side of the road if you are headed South from the Pa-hay-okee entrance. Once you get to the Pa-hay-okee sign reset your odometer and go exactly 2 miles.

The tree is hard to see when you are driving but when you stop and look right at exactly 2 miles, it will be right in front of your face. The tree is next to the road and very easy to get to and photograph, the only thing is that the conditions have to be right.

So there you have it, that’s where the famous Z tree at the Everglades National Park is located. Go check it out and have fun out there. If this was helpful to you, please leave me a comment below…


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