Top 10 Photography Spots In Miami Beach

The Best Photography Spots In Miami Beach

I have put a list of the top ten best places to photograph in Miami Beach Florida. These are my favorite spots, and to this day I visit them often often.

I have been shooting this area for the last 7 years and by far these are the most iconic and most beautiful places in Miami and Miami Beach Florida. If you are visiting and want to find some cool spots to shoot from, this are them.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions to add. Hashtag #edinchavez when you post photos from these spots. I would love to check them out. All these images were edited using my Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection. You can also check out my Miami workshops here.

1. 1111 Lincoln Road.  It’s a parking garage and these are the views. Best time to shoot is at night.
Lincoln Road Mall Best photography spots in miami beach

2. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park. Best time to shoot is at sunset.
sunset at maurcie gibbs park Best photography spots in miami beach

3. Ocean Drive in front of the Beacon Hotel. (This is the most photographed and best known spot in Ocean Dr.) Many movies have been filmed here including Scarface. Best times to shoot is at night.
Neon signs on ocean drive

4. Venetian Causeway. This is a long strip and you can get some amazing views, this one in my favorite and most underrated. Best time to shoot is at night.
Miami Skyline

5. The Beach Lifeguard Towers. This is the coolest one. Best time to shoot them is at sunrise.
Miami Beach pink Lifeguard tower

6. Best Buy Parking garage on 5th and Alton. This is a great spot. Best time to shoot is at sunset.
Miami Skyline at night shot from the best spots to photograph in miami beach

7. Children’s Museum. Make sure you go under the bridge. Best time to shoot is at sunset and at night.
Miami Skyline from the bridge

8. South Pointe Park & Pier. Best time to shoot is at sunrise and at sunset on the West side.
south pointe pier miami beach

9. The beach. Anywhere on the beach is breath-taking. Best time to shoot is at sunrise.
best sunrise in miami beach

10. The Bay Walk. This place is stunning. Best time to shoot is at sunset.
Sunset behind the Miami skyline

Those are Miami  Beache’s best spots to photograph. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Great post, just that I was a bit late to catch on this, since I got back to the Bay area by the time this was posted.

    Nevertheless was lucky to get to #3, #6. Missed #1, #4, may be the next time I visit.

    Also felt Ricken Backer causeway provided a good vantage location for the skyline

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  8. Idk where that Best Buy spot is at. I went there but I got a closer shot from the parking structure. This shot seems as if it’s much more behind the parking structure. Where exactly I’m the parking structure? I went all the way to the top and went to the furthest corner and still ended up much closer. Unless I was in the wrong structure lol I also went to LAZ parking and couldn’t find any spot to take that shot so I’m lost at this point lol

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