The Z Tree Everglades Florida

The Z Tree Everglades Florida

Here are some sunrise shots of the famous Everglades Z tree. This place is awesome, if you are into crazy adventures I suggest you go shoot this tree. The best light will be about 45 minutes before sunrise.

I lit the tree with a flashlight on this one while I was taking a long exposure.

Settings: 20 seconds F11 ISO 100

Settings: 1/100 seconds F16 ISO 100

  • What’s up Edin! I actually went out to shoot the tree yesterday morning with a buddy. Got there around 6am. Pitch black! Finally found the tree (thanks to you) and grew enough courage to walk into the water and muck it was surrounded by. Not gonna lie, it was a little freaky, lol.

    Unfortunately, the surrounding area has become overgrown. There’s no more clear shot of the tree like you have. There’s tons of tall grass all around it and about 3 new cypress trees that are growing all around it. One of the trees is not taller than the z tree and it’s less than 12” away. I guess that’s good for the Everglades, but not so great for photographers. From the looks of your beautiful images, it seems that you were maybe there a few years ago and maybe after a fire or something. It looks nothing like that now.

    Anyway, thanks for the directions and for your tips on best times to shoot. Really enjoy reading all your posts and watching your vids. Keep up the great work!